Using Food as Medicine

Randhiraj Bilan

My name is Randhiraj Bilan.  I am a qualified and registered Natural Nutritionist and Complementary Health Specialist.  I work with my clients to provide personalised holistic programmes which help them make the necessary changes they need to feel healthier, fitter and happier.

Randhiraj Bilan

I use whole food and a preventative approach to support my clients and help them to become better informed about the food that is right for them and their health needs and lifestyle goals.  I spend  with them to understand  the underlying reasons that may have led to the imbalances being encountered and take account of  their lifestyle factors before offering solutions.  I help my clients  make better food and lifestyle choices using my expertise and knowledge of the latest evidenced based research available and provide them with a step by step plan that supports them to implement  sustainable changes for their better health and lifestyle goals.  ​

I have a practice in North London and work clients out of London and beyond offering a responsive service via Skype.  I have successfully worked with clients living out of London and have a number who live abroad.  

What makes me unique as a Naturopathic Nutritionist and Complementary Women’s Health Therapist is the way I can integrate my many skills and training to work holistically for each of my clients health and wellbeing goals. All of my mentoring  programmes include regular reviews.  This makes me highly successful in  helping clients with their Personalised Nutrition Programmes and Well being plans.  

My love food shows in the workshops, events, healthy eating programmes I run throughout North London and my world food cookery classes, that are educational and highly regarded by clients.  Browse my Testimonials to see what some of my previous clients say about my services.  

My Approach

I love food and offer 121 personalised cookery sessions to clients who need to make real sustainable changes to their health goals or help to change old eating habits .  I create Personalised Holistic programmes to suit each of my individual clients needs and use real food and the latest evidenced based research to  informs clients make better and informed choices for their wellbeing goals.

I host regular 121 and group workshops  that are designed to help educate my clients who often bring along their  friends and family who may have an interest in health and wellbeing  which makes  my service more widely available.   Ask for details of how to book for one of these events.

I offer all of my clients a step by step support plan with regular phone and Skype call to support them make the necessary changes needed using my expertise in nutrition, holistic care and the use of my other training and alternative therapies. 

My Holistic women’s health services helps  each woman re- balance and  stabilise  hormones, re- evaluate the food they eat and re-view the nutritional needs to help  them feel healthier and fitter.  I offer a bespoke support  and each client evaluate their  lifestyle factors,  health and emotional wellbeing needs.  My holistic approach and training is highly supportive and shows  clients the steps to take with regular support for achieving their desired fertility and health goals.

My  mentoring approach offers clients valuable information about food as medicine. I help others using my love of world food and its invaluable healing properties to make a positive impact on people’s well being and lives and helping people through discover ways to make food interesting using my creativity.

My holistic approach  promotes wellbeing and health for any stage of life such as preconception, bump, tots, teens & in later life.  

As a registered complementary therapist I offer abdominal massage and  Fertility Massage Therapy  which have proven benefits for women  at  all stages of their fertility  and  targeted massage and improves circulation to the abdominal and sacral  health in women.  Take a look at my women’s therapies if you have any gut imbalance or  conditions such as Fertility, PCOS, Endometriosis, IBS, PMT, Fibroids and digestive and hormonal complaints.  These massages are helpful to improve digestive health. 

My Training and Qualifications 

I have a Diploma in Natural Nutrition and am fully registered member with the Federation of Nutritional Therapists and Practitioners which is an international regulating body for Nutritional Therapists. I am also fully registered with the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) and with Complementary National Health Council (CNHC) for my Holistic Women’s Therapies and Fertility Massage Therapy ( ) and bodywork and Reiki Healing . I am a registered and qualified Social Worker with Health Care Professional Council (HCPC) and hold a Diploma in Social Work and an Advanced Certificate in Systemic Family Therapy for Families and Couples.  I continue to work with children and families have been practicing for 32 years and a registered Independent Social Work Consultant, undertaking private work to support vulnerable families who need my expertise, advice and assessments.

I undertake Continued  Professional Development and training each year for all the bodies and I am registered with will be undertaking further study in Functional Medicine and a Certification with the Institute of  Functional Medicine later this year in October 20018. 





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