Personalised Nutrition Programmes and Well being plans

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Nutrition programmes designed to your personalised needs (intolerances, allergies, dietary needs and individualised food preferences are noted and responded to every time.)  All programmes suggest seasonal food that is sourced according to your budget and needs.  

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The Wellbeing Package– recommends food that is right for you and what your body needs to stay well.  This package can include new recipes and 121 cooking time ( at an additional charge) if you need in support you to make positive adjustments to your diet.

This package is can be tailored for IBS or digestive complaints; Working  with you to get you and your metabolism back to optimum health. 

Women’s Well being  Nutrition Package– this programme identifies the right food to promote your well being needs.  A  Blood test might be helpful to understand what your bodies needs to restore its equilibrium and we agree a personalised nutrition plan that suits  you to help restore your wellness again.  Energy Healing, Reiki and Massage can be helpful to this package ( prices will be added according to your selection).

Family Nutrition package – this package provides valuable insight on the food that is right for the whole families needs.  Designed to help your family re think food; re- look at cooking methods that make healthier recipes using fresh seasonal ingredients.  This package is particularly helpful  to the family To understand better the cooking methods using the right oils and fats so and understanding how these will be better to maintaining healthy families when choosing recipes that make you all happier.  Cooking lessons will help everyone invest in wellness goals.

Optimising Family Nutrition
1) Make adjustments to the family diet taking account of                         each persons  food preferences and advice on the best food to respond to each persons needs
2) Suggest changes and recipes and seasonal  food
 Optimise Well-being
3) Provide food wisdom to maximise the long term health goals for each person
4) Provide menus and cookery classes using the principles of natural nutrition
Consultation 90 minute, followed by reviews to maximise the benefits of this programme.

The Metabolic Balance® Programme :reset your metabolism using a proven scientific weight loss programme

Metabolic Balance Programmes®  is scientifically designed to stabilise hormones and loss excessive weight gain.

The Metabolic Balance programme has proven effective in hormone regulation.  Re balancing & regulating insulin production in your body and proven clinically to be a programme that assists fat burning which contributes to desired weight loss.

Metabolic Balance is an effective programme for people suffering from a range of health problems and known conditions and helps combat many including: Type 2 diabetes; rheumatism; arthritis, severe migraines; insulin resistance; high blood pressure; Menopause and peri menopausal women, fatigue; high cholesterol; osteoporosis; allergies, skin disorders and combating many common diseases. The reported benefits of this programme have include increased energy, better sleep, lowered blood pressure and cholesterol and an increased feeling of well-being and better health.

Pre or Post natal Nutrition package-this is helpful to any parent in choosing  the right food pre conception, during your pregnancy or post pregnancy and Once your baby arrives.  This package is essential for all new parents and highly supportive as it offers manageable recipes using the right essential food groups for optimising health / well being of everyone.  My  recommendations & recipes include food that provide the key minerals and vitamins for you, your partner and your babies needs using the medicinal qualities of wholesome food.

Reset Hormones package-  this package provides whole food that is restorative and helpful in resetting  hormones imbalances and achieve a desired weight if needed. Good for menopause and perri menopausal women/ pre or post pregnancy.

This package can be designed for troublesome Teens or for busy executives where work takes it toll on hormones.

Family and friends package– this package recommends  food that promotes healthier choices for everyone. This is a  highly supportive package that makes suggestions That can be implemented easily and offers recipes and food ideas that are sustainable to everyone’s desired health goals.

The Tots-to-teen Food package– promotes better food choices for your children’s well being and emotional stability.  This package offers insight and practical suggestions which are creatively designed for each of your children to eat food that is good for them.  I draw on my vast experience of working with children and adolescents in making small or bigger change.  Food changes and recipes are offered around everyone’s food preferences, allergies and intolerances.

The Executive package– for busy people who want help to get back into good shape.  This package is highly recommended for busy lifestyles. Food & menu plans and quick meal suggestions are offered as part of this package.  Help is easy to follow  when work demands a lot of you.

Nourished Naturally® Ltd uses body composition and blood tests analysis to identify the right food and menu recommendations that are right for you.

Nourished Naturally® Ltd offers bespoke and personalised goal based Nutrition Programmes to suit your needs and lifestyle.

Option 1 – 4 day On your programme with 3 days off
Option 2 –  5 day On your programme with  with  2 days off
Option 3 –   6 day   programme with 1 day off

Nourishing Families Sustaining well being

Call for a free 10 min Initial Consultation and discuss a package that suits your needs.

The Consultation appointment provides a comprehensive assessment of your diet and health needs. It takes an hour and a half, during which time we discuss the consultation form sent to you ahead of your appointment.  I ask you what you would like to achieve, any symptoms that have been concerning you, any hereditary factors we need to be aware of in designing your personalised nutrition plan and the food you like to eat. You may be referred for blood or stool tests which help diagnose  determining symptoms, deficiencies or imbalances.

After the consultation appointment a full report with dietary recommendations and menu plans are provided in a summary report . A follow up appointment will be needed to help you understand the changes you might like to consider.

Note:- Blood and Stool Analysis Reports and tests -are subject to additional laboratory charges.

Comprehensive Consultation Assessment Appointment ( typically an 1hr 30 mins )£105

Full Assessment Report  with thoughtful advice and dietary recommendations  to support your needs and provided within 3 days of your Assessment Appointment £95

Brief Highlights Report with advice and dietary recommendations £50 

Follow up appointment: 2nd Appointment : £70. Talk through your personalised programme and discuss implementing recommendations.

Recipes and Menu plans: provided  and reviewed at each subsequent meeting.

3rd Appointment and subsequent appointments are supportive and helpful for keeping you on track with your goal weight, health and well being goals.

Follow up consultation reviews can be offered by Skype – £60 45mins

Family Nutrition package: Call for a free 15 min consultation to help you decide how to proceed.

Monthly plans: are highly recommended following your personalised consultation assessment report. Prices and plans will vary depending on which package you choose and in responding to your well being package and maintenance goals



Nourished Naturally® works with carefully selected instructors who can help core strength and fitness alongside bespoke nutrition programmes.  Ask for details on enquiry.

Call Randhiraj on use the enquiry form on my packages and programmes page to further your interest.

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Cancellation Policy

All Bookings at My Clinic require full payment at the time of booking to secure your appointment.
Cancellations will be subject to 50% fee unless rearranged within 48 hours of your intended appointment.
Cancellations within less than 24 hours of an appointment will incur 75%  fee unless rearranged   being charged.
**Prices are inclusive of VAT**

Laboratory and blood testing can be helpful when devising a personalised nutrition programme.  All Testing is undertaken by Bio lab or TDL Laboratory London.  Postal tests can be arranged.

A free 10 minute consultation with Randhiraj might help you think about the plan you need.  Call and see  07976686592.  Packages and Plan prices will vary depending on your bespoke needs.