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Nourished Naturally – is an Integrative Wellbeing Service that helps you …‘Heal from inside Out’

As an Integrative Practitioner

I offer personalised services to facilitate wellness with your personal goals in mind …

My Philosophy

My heritage food and its timeless wisdom is what I return to for my own healing and why I use a holistic approach for people who wish to work with me.

I am a qualified in many Therapies which are provided as a menu of care to support anyone who comes to see me.

My Heritage and Love of Ayurveda Principles are Easy to Use and Facilitate Holistic Solutions

My heritage and cultural roots have served me well. I can offer this wisdom for you with seasonal biodynamic food to optimise health

Ayurvedic herbs, are totally natural and support the individuals healing journey. Seasonal cleanses are known to improve health and offer organs respite they need to remove toxins.

A Healing Broth- ancient medicinal food – which is good for the soul

Natural Health and Nutrition

I understand biodynamic food, the many health benefits of eating seasonally and how to support people to understand the intricate relationship between the digestive system, lungs, heart and focus on organ support as this is the vital relationship food and minerals play on our major organs.

I use the moon connection which is an important contributor to maintaining wellbeing using the push and pull of its influence.

I use my knowledge and years of training in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) principles to optimise organ support.

I have have practiced complementary therapies for over 20 years.

Research provides greater insight on the important connection between our gut, brain and stomach and the emotions that support our understanding along with emotional resilience

I can provide evidence based approach for nurturing wellbeing using each season influence and seasonal food

I can support weakened organs using the ancient system of TCM , natural nutrition and the wisdom of spices, herbs and tinctures

I support people improve health goals -restore vitality and help them with the many natural ways food an be used to repair and support gut and mental health

Homeopathy uses natural plants and herbs to facilitate health and wellbeing.

Homeopathy offers a gentle way to heal from past or unresolved mental and emotional trauma

Trauma can have a lasting impact on daily lives.

Homeopathy helps to minimise stress, and reduce anxiety levels.

I have used homeopathy myself for over 35 years –

How a personalised remedy combination can work

Homeopathy stimulates the body’s own natural healing capacity. Each remedy triggers the body’s vital force and every remedy is prescribed to the bespoke and individualised needs of the person. As a qualified homeopath I note physical, mental and emotional symptoms, I discuss all the contributing factors which led to the situation and this helps me select a remedy or combination of remedies that best matches the persons needs. Many Take a look at some of combination remedy blends which have been carefully designed for common ailments- could these be what you need ?
A qualified practitioner has extensive knowledge of homeopathic medicines alongside the commonly known selection that can be bought over-the-counter for simple ailments

Specific Remedies

Even though homeopathy treats the individual, and not the disease, some homeopathic remedies can successfully treat many people with the same symptoms. For example,

Arnica – can be used for bruising, for pain, for trauma and s a deep acting remedy.

Chamomilla is commonly used in teething – But this remedy can have a profound impact on the emotional wellbeing for a person who feels frustrated. for whining, children o adults who need mental calmness.

These 2 remedies have many other uses and act as deep acting remedies The same is true for many of the Bach remedies which I use depending on the individual who needs these flower essences. Many of these remedies have become established in wholefood stores, in chemists and health stores.

Other remedies such as , Rhus Tox is for pain which feels better for movement – good after a long day in the garden or from physical work and is now taken by thousands of people to ease rheumatic aches and pains.

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Intuitive Work

I offer intuitive healing using my inner voice.  I help clients change this and honour the practice of self care.   I also offer these in my listening circles.

My approach is holistic and supportive for all the people who come to work with me. I support them to learn and grow new self care strategies and offer food that is healing and sustainable for future wellbeing goals.

The crystal is a neutral object whose inner structure exhibits a crystalline state of perfection and balance. When it is precisely cut to the proper geometric form and when the human mind enters into relationship with its structural perfection in the vibration of love, the crystal emits a vibration which extends and amplifies the power and grasp of the user’s mind. Imaged thought intent is amplified.

Marcel Vogel

Holistic/Integrative Therapies

How to use alternative and complementary therapies alongside natural food and support people make changes for better lifestyle choices

I have been a complementary therapist since 1996 – my interest in health and wellbeing was created as a result of my healing journey and the work I have worked with children and families for over 30 years plus and am trained in Systemic Family Therapy.

I undertook an accredited 5 day programme run by Institute of Functional Medicine : Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice in 2018 which helped me understand a functional approach to wellbeing.

I am a Reiki and Seichem Master, and Intuitive Healer – and see with more than just my eyes.

Coaching – Shanti – Meditation

I am an Action Learning Facilitator, have coaching qualifications and trained in Meditation


I support women with their wellbeing using mind body and spirit – I trained in Fertility and Womb Massage™ – a deep abdominal massage – My NourishYin™ uses my knowledge of shakti and my spiritual connection offering deeper healings. I am a spiritual mentor for women and work compassionately with anyone who chooses to see me.

I understand how important it was to PAUSE and review lifestyle goals and sustaining health needs.

The Circadian Rhythms are sensitive to how you live and express your life

Traditional Chinese Medicine

The importance of traditional Chinese medicine and the body clock wisdom is key to restoring health. Using healing food alongside TCM enables listening carefully to people’s story and what their organs are saying about their health.

Traditional Chinese Medicine – the body clock- support key organs with my support

I attend CPD courses, training events and Practitioner seminars each year to continue to learn the benefits of holistic wellness therapies and how to synthesise these in my practice. There are developments in Natural Nutrition all the time and so the evidence based approach is essential in this profession to support and improve clients health goals.

As I deepen my understanding – I become better more informed using an evidence approach to good Nutrition and the many ways we can remineralise the body, restore health and equilibrium.  

I am even more passionate today as I was when I first trained to understand the deep connection of vitality rich food and in helping others optimise their health healing and wellbeing goals and be nourished naturally.

I love cooking – I cook with fresh seasonal foods and spices – I share these principles in my business like water runs out of a tap.

The recipes I share are based the principals of whole food and Ayurveda – My own dietary habits of eating seasonally and I my heritage of eating healing foods.

I am an Expert

I relate to stress and pressures life places on us and have maintained my health using healing food, my ancestral knowledge of Ayurvedic food and my many years of training and investing to teach others what I have learnt.

Read what former clients have said about me: use this link

During my consultations, I assess the individual’s health, family and health history, any hereditary factors or illness, dietary needs, including eating habits – I ask about digestive health, lifestyle, environmental factors including stress and wellbeing. I look deeper than just what you have been eating – and as I said before I see with more than just my eyes – i listen carefully taking note of everything

I listen to your story and words … I listen and hear how you assimilate life

I hear the impact on you and this helps me understand how well you digest food and minerals.

I bring to consultations, years of working with people from diverse backgrounds and circumstances and use my initiative on how to respond. I help people who feel stuck and unwell feel to understand what they can do to feel better.

I give guidance and suggestions for lifestyle changes and how to use healing foods that can optimise wellbeing goals. I draw on my my Systemic Family Therapy training , my 35 years Social Work and my training as a alternative and complementary therapist (since 1996)

I support the people who come to work with me as I really care about what happens next

Bio-resonance Body Analyser 

A Bioresonance Scan is one of the most exciting and innovative complementary health therapies of our time and I have one. I use this to help make sense of a persons health status.

We are all exposed to many disruptive frequencies everyday – many sources leadto stress e.g. digital devices, wifi, satellites, medical assessment procedures, airport security flying, and the list can go on.

Long-term exposure to these frequencies contribute to mineral depletion, stress, mood disorders, blood diseases, digestive disorders and other chronic diseases.

My therapies offers the opportunity to dig deeper and understand how to make the changes and optimise wellbeing and make subtle changes to optimise organ health.
Bioresonance therapy uses meridian frequencies that show up the disruptive energetic imbalances within the body. An opportunity to look deeper at your health status and the minerals you may lack.

Let me empower you to take your health into your hands and support you to make the changes you wish to make.

A Diagnostic Scan and consultation costs £120 – The diagnostics report can be provided after the initial appointment.

Follow ups are recommended every 6 months – this is sufficient time to implement the changes and see improve health status.

To book a consultation for this alone, use the contact form below


Blood Tests /Consultant reports

I may suggest Blood Tests as part of my guidance – Blood and Hormonal Tests (Fe/Male hormone –can be obtained from your GP – FREE

Re-evaluate Re-look Re-set and Re-connect with your wholistic wellbeing needs

22 Mar 20195

5 stars: Excellent –  I Randhiraj without hesitation to anyone.
Thank you, does not begin to cover what is due..
It’s difficult to imagine a short review that could do justice to a service of this standard. Randhiraj reacted extremely quickly to what was an urgent requirement for dietary change, with a passion for her craft that reached way beyond expectation.
She listens, understands, and moves heaven and earth to deliver.
If this reads like a review that’s been paid for, it’s not. She seriously is this good at her job, and deserves every ounce of praise I can squeeze into this small space.
Thank you, does not begin to cover what is due.
22 Mar 2019 5 stars:  Excellent Customer Service and Professionalism .
Fantastic for families
She has been a lifesaver to me and coupled with her understanding of families and their nutrition and emotional needs she provides a great package.
Reviewed by Karolina Mason
On 05-Aug-2018 10:0:06

Reviews:  I saw Randhiraj a few weeks ago. She gave myself and my father a healing session. Randhiraj has a lovely warm calming personality and the healing she gave me was very moving. It was just what I needed. I felt a great sense of relief and warmth. My father isn’t very well and is currently suffering from muscle pain and said he felt his shoulder felt better after the session. I will be going back. Thank you again Randhiraj

Reviewed by LOUCAS
On 27-Jul-2018 20:0:23

Reviews:  Randhiraj helped my father when he was in hospital by making soups for him, this was special for me because my father was “nil by mouth”, (he wasn’t allowed to eat or drink anything)

Reviewed by Jill Hart
On 23-Jun-2018 16:0:09
Reviews:  I can not recommend Randhiraj’s services enough. She was so informative and the food was delicious!
Subject:  recommendation

MF. London

April 2018- Weight loss programme with Randhiraj that took 18 months but amazing for me.

‘Losing 30 lbs (15% of my body weight in the course of  4 months was  really tough for me but when I finally did.  It was  life-changing! My GP saw me  and she couldn’t believe the changes.  I had fluctuating weight so long.  Then she saw saw the ‘new’ me and was so pleased at the positive effects it had  on my blood pressure and cholesterol…. I can’t thank you so much for your support and advice and social work! it’s really helped me to sort out my head and the life long problems of self esteem  that seemed  insurmountable. until I met you ‘ M

2 months ago
I have been eating very badly and needed some help. Randhiraj gave me so much advice to help me understand how to make healthy food that tastes great and I feel more confident and encouraged. I had my second cookery lesson today and I’m feeling so inspired for the weekend ahead. My kids are going to really benefit. Thanks Randhiraj you’re fab. !
6 months ago
‘The wonderful Randhiraj, came to my home to give me some nutritional guidance executed in an amazing cooking lesson which gave me some starter, quick, easy and tasty recipes to feed my family of 4. I had got to a point where I was …More

Chloe Meacher

10 months ago
I saw Randhiraj about a complicated issue and she really helped me. She is an amazing listener which means her advice is spot on. She is extremely knowledgeable, very kind and warm and I’d highly recommend her.

Deepa Bijal

11 months ago
We have been seeing Randhiraj and she gives you encouragement and right advice. I have been following her advice and loss weight.

A Few Words That Clients said about me and my services…

Carmen Friedel LmtRandhiraj Bilan

 I highly recommend Randhiraj Bilan as a healer and guide. She has prescribed a couple of remedies for me and I have felt an immediate shift both times. She is very intuitive and perceptive and a delight to work with.

Carmen F