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Randhiraj Bilan –North London

Healing and Wellbeing using a Holistic & Integrative Approach

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‘good food is medicine for the soul ‘

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Why use a Integrative Holistic Therapist:

I am an Integrative Holistic Therapist: I trained in Natural Nutrition and have a recognised qualification. I undertake regular CPD and use the latest evidence based research.

I attended Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice in 2018 run by the Institute of Functional Medicine.

As an alternative and complementary Therapist, I am a Reiki and Seichem Master, and Intuitive HealerI see with more than just my eyes.

I support women with their wellbeing using mind body and spirit – I trained in Fertility and Womb Massage™ – a deep abdominal massage which has a spiritual connection to our motherline . I offer spiritual mentoring to awaken the goddess within as part of my Shakti Devi and NourishYin work.

More about me:

I am a mother of 4. I first began working in social work in the late 80’s with children ‘in care’ and have continued  so far for 35 years.  I have always been passionate about supporting better outcomes for children and have been part of thousands of looked after children’s journeys. ‘I am still in touch with some children who are now in their 40’s and say I made them believe in themselves which tells me that what I offered helped them’. 
I continue to work as a Senior Social Worker alongside my independent practice in Integrative Health and Wellness. As a Natural Nutritionist, a Complementary Health Specialist, a Healer a Intuitive Practitioner (Reiki and Seichem Master a Knower, and Seerer) and again a student training to become a fully licensed Homeopath.

Being trained in alternative and complementary wellbeing therapies make my offer to Women and families very relevant on many levels and I have greater insight and a wealth of knowledge on related health and wellbeing matters. I come with first hand experience of the importance of balancing work and cultivating time for our own wellbeing and the importance of using healing food, alternative wellbeing therapies, yoga, meditation and healing to take care of her wellbeing needs. And now well seasoned with 35 years of professional insight into the ways to nurture resilience for children and families and how to support them to take better care of themselves.

I trained in Family Therapy for Children, Couples and Families. This builds on my extensive direct work with children, families. I have a recognised Management qualification and extensive management experience and expertise having worked with vulnerable children and families in the UK since 1985 and in public, private and the charity sector. I am an experienced Action Learning Facilitator/Coach since 2006 and trained with Ruth Cooks Associates for ‘Action Learning’ Sets programmes – as an active member since 1998.

Why Use Me?

I have been a complementary therapist since 1996 – my interest in health and wellbeing was created as a result of my healing journey and the work I have chosen having worked with children and families. I understand how important it was to PAUSE and review lifestyle goals and sustaining health needs. I offer a wealth of expertise as seen on the different pages on my website and by the bodies I am affiliated to below.

My heritage and cultural roots gave me the underpinning ayurvedic principles which I have grown up thanks to my mathaji – these included honouring self care; the use of healing foods; Shodhan, which is the elimination of ama. This can be done with specific ayurvedic herbal formulas or, for a more intensive ama reduction, through  panchakarma and a positive mindset to deeply cleanse. My intuitive healing work uses my inner voice.  I help clients change this and honour the practice of self care.   I also offer these in my listening circles.

My training to become a licenced Homeopath is to deepen my offer to clients and help heal unresolved issues that have an impact on people’s lives.

I have used homeopathy myself for over 30 years and now I will become a fully licenced homeopath by the autumn of 2021 which I am very exciting about. I take referrals and am fully insured to practice as a student homeopath. If this interests you, please contact me.

Disclaimer by Randhiraj Bilan
Alternative and complementary therapies are complementary to health. I work in partnership with health practitioners and encourage this partnership for clients with specific health conditions. My services and therapies offer guidance and advice and alternative ways to support your holistic wellbeing needs and work alongside you to support you arrive where you wish to be.

Alliance of Homeopaths

25th February 2019

Thank you so much I feel amazing .


Excellent bespoke service 5 Stars
I went to Randhiraj initially with the need to lose weight for a wedding. I lost around 5kg(11 pounds) in a month which is unbelievable. I have been able to maintain that weight ever since which proves that the methods she uses are totally sustainable. At the same time, she helped me to rebuild a healthier relationship with food. The recipes she gave me are fantastic and some of the dishes have become my favourite meals to cook. During our consultation sessions she always listened to my needs and showed great care to my wellbeing. Thank you very much for all your help.

Zoe 4/2/2020