Use Food as Medicine

Randhiraj Bilan

I practice in North London as a qualified and registered Natural Nutritionist, Complementary Women’s Health Therapist and  Social Work Consultant /Therapist.  I specialise in working with Women, Children and Families in my practice .

I use an integrative approach and use the latest evidenced based research for my bespoke recommendations and programmes.  As an Integrative practitioner, I have chosen to specialise in coaching people to better health and wellbeing using my years of training, qualifications and wisdom of peoples many ailments using natural naturopathy, whole-food to support  lifestyle changes.





I spend time listening to your underlying health concerns and offer solutions that help make better lifestyle choices to optimise wellbeing goals. I work holistically for women, children and families helping them make the necessary changes that support them to feel healthier, fitter and happier.  

I use whole food and a preventative approach in my programmes and help people become better informed about the food that is right for them in optimising  health and wellbeing goals.

My  programmes and services use my extensive work experience to offer sustainable solutions that can be implemented easily and straight away.   

My plans are simple.  A step by step support plan for implementing changes needed to give you  better health and lifestyle outcomes.  ​

I use social media such as Skype, Face time,  Zoom and  to offer a responsive service that works for peoples busy lives.

What makes me unique is  my  integrative approach using my comprehensive skills, knowledge and training, to offer a holistic service for each of my clients.  

Bespoke Solutions and Recommendations

I can help you and your family feel healthy happier and fitter.  Get in touch to discover how.

Use my Enquiry form to Email me directly or  call me on 07976686592 for your FREE Discovery Call.  

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