Nourished Naturally – is a Holistic and Integrative Wellbeing and Healing Service

I am currently offering my services online. Why would my services work for you ?

I offer specific therapies which are person centred and are offered with my face to face online support. Take advantage of a one off consultation or have my support for a personalised 3-6 month wellbeing plan that provides healing foods and integrative guidance on the many ways to nurture your self care and heal from inside out. My vast experience and training offers tailor made services and packages to suit your needs. My approach is based on years of personal awareness and understanding of the need to provide food that is right for each person and the many intolerances that lead to ill health.

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Randhiraj Bilan –North London

I Support clients Health, Healing and Wellbeing Needs using a Holistic & Integrative Approach

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Get help to make sustainable and practical changes for your long term wellbeing needs. Get 121 guidance to support your unique holistic healing needs – online support is available and distance healing. Want to Review,  Reset or Reflect on your holistic wellbeing goals and feel healthier and happier.

Boost health using REAL FOOD

My bespoke 121 support service use Whatsapp, Facebook, Zoom and Face Time or phone calls for consultations and any follow up meetings.

121 support and guidance for your health, wellbeing and healing needs

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I use a Research and evidenced based approach with clients and am passionate about helping people learn how to use ‘food as medicine’.

My bespoke services for women include healing and intuitive guidance. Take a look at my menu above and see what else I can do for you.

I help my clients heal from inside out.

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I am an Integrative Holistic Therapist trained in Natural Nutrition, and in applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice. As an alternative and complementary Therapist, I am a Reiki and Seichem Master, a Spiritual Practitioner, a Intuitive Healer for Womens Guidance, EFT, and offer Fertility and Womb Massage™ and mentoring.

I continue to practice as a Senior Social Worker with 35 years of experience of working with people. Alongside my complementary therapies, I possess a advanced certification in Family Therapy for Children, Couples and Families and builds on my extensive direct work with children, families and my management experience of services for vulnerable children and families in the UK.

Why Use Me?

As an integrative therapist I help people and facilitate improved health and wellbeing outcomes. I have been a complementary therapist since 1996 and my interest in health and wellbeing was created as a result of my healing journey and the work I have chosen having worked with children and families. I understand how important it was to PAUSE and review lifestyle goals and sustaining health needs. I offer a wealth of expertise as seen on the different pages on my website and by the bodies I am affiliated to below.

My heritage and cultural roots gave me the underpinning ayurvedic principles which I have grown up thanks to my maji – these included honouring self care through the use of healing foods, mindset, and healing which so often gets lost or as we forget to really hear or listen to our inner voice.  I help clients change this and honour the practice of self care.   I also offer this in my listening circles.

I am currently training in Homeopathy as I wish to deepen my offer to clients where unresolved issues have an impact on their lives. I first used used this system when I was 18 and have now used it in my healing for 34 years. Mostly I have learnt this as I self treated but now I am on a journey to become a licenced homeopath which I am very exciting about. I am taking student referrals during this time. If this interests you, contact me for a reduced fee.


06 Apr 2020

Highly recommended 5 Stars

I initially went to see Randhiraj as I was interested in trying Reiki for healing. I had never had this before and was initially a bit nervous, but she made me feel at ease, providing a safe space that was warm, welcoming and promoted harmony and peace. I was looking for something that would work directly on the problem rather than masking or relieving symptoms. I can honestly say the work she does is amazing. I noticed a real shift in my overall wellness, and the support she provides continues to help me on my journey. She is generous with her time and works compassionately with her clients, providing feedback and checking in on you, which has accelerated the healing process. Her meditation and moon circle classes have been a wonderful chance to connect with others and start a spiritual practice, and the reiki treatments have worked to balance my overall system both mentally and physically. I highly recommend her work.

Thanks Randhiraj.

5 Star Review April 2020

25th February 2019

Thank you so much I feel amazing .