Nourished Naturally is a Holistic and Integrative Wellbeing Service

Randhiraj Bilan –North London

Nourished Naturally is a Holistic and Integrative Wellbeing Service which supports people to make positive changes for for better health and Wellbeing outcomes and provides sustainable solutions .

Do you need help to Re-view,  Re-set and Re-connect with real food, that is nutritious, and will help you feel healthier, happier ?

Do you need help to increase energy levels?

Are you worried about  your diet or toxicity which is the major cause of damaged cells, depleting energy and a well known co factor in fat storage in most people.

Years of research and evidenced based practice goes into my Integrative and Holistic Programmes to make them right for you and your unique needs .

I am passionate about helping people use ‘food as medicine’.

I love to help clients heal from the inside out using an integrated and holistic approach and get the results you need.

I help you love the food that is right for you and your health needs by designing a bespoke holistic wellbeing programme which can be incorporated alongside my other therapies.

If you’re thinking of changing to a plant based approach? I have years of experience of these and help you get creative to make a change to your lifestyle and health goals if this is what you need.

You really are only a step away from being where you wish to be.

Contact me today and book your FREE 15 mins Consultation to see if I’m the right practitioner for you.

I am fully insured for all the therapies I practice, and a member of the relevant professional associations.

You are guided to make changes that can be implemented right away and helped to make these sustainable for your wholistic wellbeing needs.

Call 07976686592 or use my Contact Form below. Book your appointment and make the changes to diet, lifestyle or wellbeing goals you need.

I offer bespoke services for women which include healing and intuitive guidance to get you to where you would like to be.

I fully utilise my skills to offer a complementary and therapeutic advice service for women. Click here and read about my other services and programmes  which support the mind, body, and spirit connection .

Take a look at my Instagram page @nourished where I showcase food, lifestyle and the things that are important to me for my lifestyle on there.

I am an Integrative Therapist trained as a Natural Nutritionist, a Holistic Therapist, Reiki Master, a Senior Social Worker Systemically Trained in family therapy, behavioural techniques for Children, Women, Couples and Families and an accredited Functional Medicine Practitioner.  

My skills, training and knowledge offer realistic solutions for a responsive integrative holistic service and can offer one off advice if needed.  

I draw on the latest evidenced based research to make my programmes solution focussed and responsive to each person unique needs. Give me a call and find out for yourself.

Why Use Me?

As an integrative therapist I help people improve health and wellbeing outcomes.  My interest in wellbeing comes from my life experiences and from working in busy jobs where it was important to PAUSE and take stock again.  

My heritage and cultural roots are based on the practice of honouring self care with food, mindset and our environment which can often get lost if we forget to hear or listen to our inner voice.  Learn how to change your mindset and honour a new practice of self care.   

See My Clients Testimonials below:

25th February 2019

Thank you so much I feel amazing .


Review for my 60th year

I came to Randhiraj with extreme tiredness just before my 60th birthday and following a bereavement. Working with her made me realise I wasn’t looking after myself properly ( a BIG shock for me, as I always thought I was really good at self-care). Randhiraj has helped me redesign my eating habits to focus on the food I love and to have fun with some great recipes along the way.
I now look and feel much stronger, my chronic tiredness and aches and pains have gone and I have integrated some great ideas easily into my busy life. Every session with Randhiraj leaves me feeling I have taken good care of myself and that I have new resources available to care for myself.

thanks so much for all these recipes Randhiraj and for a really helpful review meeting.

Bye for now


Janette’s Review