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Randhiraj Bilan


I work in North London as a registered Nutritionist and Integrative Therapist.  I   offer a holistic approach  that gives each person I work with a unique service that suits their individualised wellbeing needs.  Whether you are looking to loose weight, increase energy levels, using food to help reduce the impact of  stress on your body or hormonal changes, I can help.  If you want to be supported or think about food that can nourish you, your family and loved ones or feed your appetite for nutritious meals please come to me.  I offer a tailored holistic service to suit you.

My approach is simple. Re evaluate Re look Re set and Re connect with nutritious food that is good for you and your wellbeing needs so you can start to feel healthier, happier and in control again.  Take a look at my approach to help you decide if i am the right person for you or your family.

I work with Women, Children and Families using this holistic approach and offer  ways to optimise your Nutrition, Health and Wellbeing goals.

Applying an “integrative approach” means I  draw on my therapeutic training and knowledge to provide a personalised service that supports your Holistic Wellbeing needs.  Click  to see what my clients are saying about me on my testimonial page

I also work specifically with women of all ages and stages of life. I have worked hard to create balance in my life after working in jobs that were highly demanding of my time energy and skills.  As mother of 3 older children I  relate to the many stresses and pressures life places on us all to provide a warm and nurturing environment giving advice on this as part of my consultation offer and the 30 years I have worked with women and their families.  

I fully utilise my skills to offer a complementary and therapeutic advice service for Women alongside click to see  my other services and programmes which have been reported to help clients mind body and spirit  to give you what you need.

Take a look at my instagram page @nourished and see more about me and the type of things I do for myself to maintain a healthy balance.  I  showcase the food and lifestyle things I do for myself and my family everyday of the week.  It’s all on there.

My Training 

I am a qualified  Natural Nutritionist, a Complementary Therapist and Reiki Practitioner, a Social Worker,  Systemically Trained to work with Children, Women, Couples and Families and an accredited Functional Medicine Practitioner.  

Using my skills, training and knowledge I offer solutions that can help people I work with makes my approach unique and highly responsive to each persons holistic wellbeing needs.  I draw on the  the latest evidenced based research to make my programmes effective and offer solutions that are responsive to each person unique needs. 

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Would you benefit from a Free 15 min Nutrition Consultation?  if the answer is yes..please call me on 07976686592

Why not fill out my contact form to get a FREE Self Care Questionnaire to help you  decide what  help you might need for changing your diet, lifestyle or wellbeing goals.   Use this form to Book your FREE 15 mins Consultation via email.

I use social media: Skype, Face time, Zoom to offer a responsive service that  works for busy peoples’lives.

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Reviewed by Karolina Mason
On 05-Aug-2018 10:0:06

Reviews:  I saw Randhiraj a few weeks ago. She gave myself and my father a healing session. Randhiraj has a lovely warm calming personality and the healing she gave me was very moving. It was just what I needed. I felt a great sense of relief and warmth. My father isn’t very well and is currently suffering from muscle pain and said he felt his shoulder felt better after the session. I will be going back. Thank you again Randhiraj

Reviewed by LOUCAS
On 27-Jul-2018 20:0:23

Reviews:  Randhiraj helped my father when he was in hospital by making soups for him, this was special for me because my father was “nil by mouth”, (he wasn’t allowed to eat or drink anything)

Reviewed by Jill Hart
On 23-Jun-2018 16:0:09
Reviews:  I can not recommend Randhiraj’s services enough. She was so informative and the food was delicious!
Subject:  recommendation

MF. London

April 2018- Weight loss programme with Randhiraj that took 18 months but amazing for me.

‘Losing 30 lbs (15% of my body weight in the course of  4 months was  really tough for me but when I finally did.  It was  life-changing! My GP saw me  and she couldn’t believe the changes.  I had fluctuating weight so long.  Then she saw saw the ‘new’ me and was so pleased at the positive effects it had  on my blood pressure and cholesterol…. I can’t thank you so much for your support and advice and social work! it’s really helped me to sort out my head and the life long problems of self esteem  that seemed  insurmountable. until I met you ‘ M

2 months ago
I have been eating very badly and needed some help. Randhiraj gave me so much advice to help me understand how to make healthy food that tastes great and I feel more confident and encouraged. I had my second cookery lesson today and I’m feeling so inspired for the weekend ahead. My kids are going to really benefit. Thanks Randhiraj you’re fab. !
6 months ago
‘The wonderful Randhiraj, came to my home to give me some nutritional guidance executed in an amazing cooking lesson which gave me some starter, quick, easy and tasty recipes to feed my family of 4. I had got to a point where I was …More

Chloe Meacher

10 months ago
I saw Randhiraj about a complicated issue and she really helped me. She is an amazing listener which means her advice is spot on. She is extremely knowledgeable, very kind and warm and I’d highly recommend her.

Deepa Bijal

11 months ago
We have been seeing Randhiraj and she gives you encouragement and right advice. I have been following her advice and loss weight.

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