10 Steps to a healthier you



10 steps to a healthier you:

1. Morning time : take lemon  with warm water for a liver detox drink
2. Get fresh air or start taking regular exercise  e.g Walking, yoga, pilates , or cardio exercise – use  utube to help you find a programme if ££ is an issue. Just 30 mins a day.
3. Daily Skin brushing. Towards the ❤
4. Replace trans fat cooking oils for homemade ghee or coconut oil ( use just a tsp)
5. Replace salt with Himalayan salts- use less
6. Dont buy herbal teas. Save ££ snd make your own Homemade tea – ginger & lemon, darchini, peppermint, tulsi, liquorice, ir Japanese green tea.. use fresh herbs and spices
7. Eat 3 meals a day – do not skip meals,  finish with your evening meal so you leave 12 hours before your breakfast-  buy locally sourced veg.
9. Increase water to 2-3 litres a day (6-8 glasses)
10. Go to sleep by 10pm and rise between 6.30-7am

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