Boosting Women’s Health: Baby Nettles


 Urtica Dioica otherwise known as Stinging Nettles.  These are a herbaceous perennial flowering plant is native to Europe, Asia, Northern Africa and Western North America. Now widely being used medicinally as wild food for boosting a host of ailments,  wellbeing and health.

For women it being noticed for so many however it has amazing benefits for minimising harmful estogen metabolites in the body.  Its also a great ally when used to combat many modern diseases which can compromise women’s endocrine health for issues such as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome/Disorder PCOS or PCOD which is now certainly being seen as on the rise.   Nettles should be named a  superfood and used  herbs alongside natural nutrition as a restorative herb.

Baby Nettles help release toxins and boost Liver health.  when used alongside a Personalised Nutrition Programme they are the right herb  for promoting a deep cleanse and supporting  the release of toxins at a cellular level.  It is important to have the right information for doing this and  highly advisable to have a named  practitioner to support you for  boosting health and dealing with any well being complaint.

 Urtica Dioica/Nettles have been used for centuries across the world for toning and nourishing the uterus. Taken alongside a nutrition programme where food is carefully selected can be highly effective and  highly strengthening to the life force / kidneys and tired or stressed out adrenal glands.
The evidence speaks for itself as chlorophyll is a natural detoxifier and  has proved itself to be  highly beneficial when taken for several months .  This has been researched for conception prep and a must have  any persons list of free food to have.  It  has additionally been researched as helpful for   preparing  the body for pregnancy as well as sustaining for the embryo once conception occurs.
Taken before the expected due date or birth, it again shows us how supportive it can be in preparing the body for the baby’s birth.  Known for its’  high content of  Vitamin K, which is known as necessary for a healthy delivery.
I have mine during spring in a daily smoothie and cut about a cup full each day when the plants are young.  Take a pair of scissors and cut the top tips of young plants which are growing wild and free right now.

Up to two cups a day can be incredibly helpful for boosting for the livers health.   I had baby nettles during my whole pregnancy  which was considered safe by my herbalist friend.
Nettles also make a great postpartum drink and help nourish the uterus again post-pregnancy in helping get your body back to your old self.  There are also other benefits having them at this time such as for increasing milk flow for breastfeeding and have been widely researched and evidenced to help with lactation and  a rich milk supply.
This is a great time of the year to pick fresh nettles and freeze for later once they start flowering which happens within about 4-6 weeks. 

Spring is also a time when hayfever is prevalent and having a nettle infusion can help reduce seasonal pollen as a natural anti-histamine.