Meditation Practice & Monthly Moon Circles North London

I offer a 4 – 6 Week Meditation Practice Course

 Compassionate Guided Meditations

Use a the focus of a Meditation course to connect with your inner wisdom –  All levels are offered with 121 guidance and aimed at anyone who wishes to deepen their practice -restore self love

Everything you need for Self Love is with you

My Mediation Coaching Courses are aimed at women at any stage of life or wisdom.  There will be practical tools to take away for setting your daily intentions- alongside weekly guidance to support your self care and daily practice rituals.

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Monthly Women’s Wellbeing – Healing  Moon Circle

‘Moon circles’ have been used in different cultures for centuries, giving women regardless of where they are in their life or cycle an opportunity to express their creativity using the influence of the wise luna moon.   Sitting with others offer a deeper connection with mother nature, sharing  wisdom and  centre of an balance and harmony with the cycle of the moon. 

There are four phases in the month’s moon cycle: these correspond to the zodiac. We have a New Moon, a Waxing Half Moon, a Full Moon and a Waning Half Moon. Each offers us an opportunity to connect with ourselves and our purpose to perform self care rituals and let go of things that do not serve us The luna moon is an opportunity to take self care to another level – guidance is offered to do this.

My Moon circles are for any woman who wished to  create new rituals of self care for themselves or their loved ones – I will offer a variety of tools and exercises to embrace this monthly practice of self love and boost self esteem rituals. 

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