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Pumpkin Seed Pops

Recipe Created for Red Tent : Gathering Women’s Event September 2018:

Pumpkin Seed Chocolate Pops: download Recipe.

Pumpkin Seeds are amazing for so many nutrients. My favourite reason for making these part of my staple food is for theres Omega Rich fats and high Magnesium  value.  Not only are they easier to assimilate once soaked and roasted-  they taste so much more alive!!  yes . They really liven up once they have been woken up as otherwise they are dormant.

Soak Pumpkin seeds first  –  soak them overnight for the best results

Melt a good quality dark chocolate-  Your choice but I  prefer good quality organic non sugar

Small amounts of dark chocolate are actually now being proven to be really  good for  health. Chocolate actually comes from the bean of the cacao tree which has a high concentration of antioxidant compounds called “flavonoids,” which has so many amazing benefits which I won’t go into her.  Its probably best to book a 121 consultation to look at your food and blood type as its not one fits all. However Dark chocolate has been researched to also prevent heart disease and protect against cancer. The over processing go  cacao into large brand chocolate  diminishes its flavonoid content, and if added with milk actually  inhibit its antioxidant effects. Yes. Thats right.  So lesson 1.  Always have / use Dark chocolate to capitalise on  the maximum health benefit has to offer us all . and pure with out additives so check the label.

so back to this recipe –

Roast Pumpkin seeds in a pan – lightly for about 2-4 mins until they almost pop.  No oil or butter needed.  Remove and take out of the pan otherwise they are likely to burn! –  Then Set aside

In batches –  I use a spoon-  dip in melted Dark chocolate – and spoon on to grease proof paper/parchment.

do in batches and  leave them to set-

break up –  once cold or if you have placed them as clusters there is no need.

These can be kept in a fridge ideally-  eat within the week .  Great snack for any age.  Kids – elderly family or friends.  I make them for my kids when they come home as a quick filler before a meal .  Always does the trick .

Great for women who need omega 3 rich food for a plethora or reasons including stress, fertility, menopause, or for general well being x

Happy Eating x

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