Divali, Recipes to share

Making Healthy Food choices during Divali

Some alternative Healthy Recipes for a Festive Season

Healthy Almond Treats


Almonds whole 400 g
White and black Sesame 100 g
Jaggery  raw Sugar (blend in blender )150 g


1.Soak overnight then – Dry roast the Almonds in a pan over a medium heat.  Cook for 3-5 mins.  Cool – set aside

2. In a separate pan, Add  Jaggery –  cook over a medium het-  do not burn-   add roasted almonds then see it  caramelised  –  take off heat

3. Once the almonds are coated with caramelised sugar – scatter onto a tray with the sesame seeds and  coat with both white /black sesame seeds and leave to cool.
Store it in an airtight container.

Pura also know as Chilla or Indian Chick pea crepes 

Recipe was previously provided in my May 2018 Newsletter


30 gms of Gram Flour

1 small onion

1 tsp coriander and cumin seeds

fresh coriander

½ tsp rock salt or boullion


½ fresh chilli

Not an amazing picture as I took it, but believe me  – very tasty !!


Sive gram flour and salt into a large mixing bowl.

Place onions and chillies into a blender and blitz. ..

Add carom or cumin seeds.

Add fresh chopped coriander.

Stir in water to create a loose batter – leave for about

30 minutes.

Heat the non stick pan on a medium heat and pour in about two

teaspoons of oil.

Makes about 6 pura’s

This could be a great healthy addition to the Divali season or for a light lunch.  These can also be  kept chilled in the fridge for up to 4 days so if you want to make a batch for a healthy snack they would work well too.

Besan  – Made with chick pea flour

  • 250gm  fresh clarified butter /ghee
  • Gram / Besan (flour) (Chickpea Flour – 2.5  Cups)
  • 250gm Goor/ Jaggery /sugar
  • teaspoons of ground fresh  Cardamon – Lechi (ground in a  motar and pestal 
  • 1 pinch fresh saffron strands (optional )
  • 50 gm of Chopped Almonds and pistachios are good nuts (For Garnish)

First sieve the  flour  before using to take out any lumps. Blend the Jaggery Sugar to a  powder consistency using a blender and put aside.

Heat the fresh ghee in a large pan. Add the Besan flour  and toast very lightly on a medium-low flame – be careful not to burn as it will spoil –  notice it turn slightly  golden brown and smell a aroma arising-  turn off. It could take about 7-10 mins for this to occur.  You might notice the  ghee separating from the flour-

Dissolve the Jaggery in a separate pan and add to the Besan before taking it off the flame.  Mix in well.

Take off the flame  and  mix again very.  Add the freshly ground cardamom and clove  powder ( use about 6 cardamons and 4 cloves for mine).   – add the  saffron strands and mix well using a spoon. Leave the mixture to cool.

Turn the mixture into a glass pyrex dish and pat it down well .  Make sure it is pressed down evenly and tightly.   Leave to cool for approximately 30 mins.  Cut into squares.

Garnish with more ground Cardamon and Cloves – or nuts of your choice.  Eat either warm or cold.

Screen Shot 2018-08-25 at 18.21.44

Remember  : 1. Exercise

Exercise – is something we all may aspire to and essential for keeping us on the move for maintaining wellbeing- Exercise has been proven time and time again to help with mental health so any form that helps us keep moving has to be good for us.

I try to begin the day with a little Yoga.  I love Ester Ekhaart’s videos on Utube and have been a fan now for a few years.  she’s my go to yoga person online if I need a little pick me up.    I have done this now for many years now and before then used to go to a class but online is much easier for me these days with my work- kids and life in general.  I find she helps people to correct postures which is so important in good yoga videos.  I think that Iyengar and Hatha Yoga are great for any age and my  old yoga teacher was Elaine Liffchak. I found her really  inspiring and she holds classes in her studio in North Finchely  London and teaches it so well.   Try  out Esters channel for yourselves – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFYsO0t3zj0eJ_NcOlowTSA

walking is a great way to get regular exercise and works all the major muscle groups of the body without realising it.

I walk my dog Ziggy everyday.  If you are not committed to walking – walking a dog makes you commit – consider borrowing a dog to get you outdoors!

2. Eat a healthy  breakfast

High fibre breakfasts are the best and help release energy slowly.

Almonds- if soaked overnight are a great source of fibre and other vital minerals.  Also have been proven  for controlling blood sugar so good for all ages.

Add them porridge  or try make homemade almond milk .  I grew up having this as my mum would make it for us when we were younger.  Try eating some Almonds if your trying not to  start your day by indulging in the array of Diwali sweets and snacks too early in the morning.

3. Balance what you eat through the day

Eat 3 meals throughout any day and keep hydrated by drinking herbal drinks –  these help reduce snacking so you can really enjoy your main meal in the evening.

4. Make water your best friend

Try to drink at least of 2.5 litres of water per day. It keeps you hydrated and helps kerb snacking and food craving and important for maintaining blood sugar levels.

The recipes I have shared are great for their protein content and  healthy to eat during any social time including birthdays or parties.

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