Nourishing familes

Nourishing Families: Easy Vegetarian Recipes

Nourished Families with : Superfood Cabbage Veggie Cottage  Pie-  (For a Fish or  Vegan Options see below)

This recipe takes about 15 mins to prep and 30 mins in oven to bake.

1/2 Cabbage and 2 Red peppers

2 fresh tomatoes

Boullion powder 1tsp

1-2 tsp nigella seeds

1 tsp turmeric

5 cloves garlic

Optional – add fresh prawns for fish option

Optional- add 1 tub ricotta for vegetarian option

Optional- add 300gm Pinto beans for vegan option

Mix well – 4 mins

Add Mashed potatoe topping

Mash down with a fork evenly.

Bake for 30 mins 165 F

For best mash

2 large potatoes

2 sweet potatoes

1tsp mustard

50gm butter or Olive oil

Video below.  But before that here are some facts about super Cabbage and why we all need to eat more every week.

10 Health Benefits of Super Hero Cabbage:

  • Helps Detoxify the Body: Cabbage is packed with vitamin C and sulphur and both of these help  remove toxins, free radicals and uric acid which build up from acidity in the body. Free radicals are responsible the proliferation of malignant cells. Flushing out free radicals helps a lot by reducing  cell-damage and removing  toxins from your body.
  •  Lowers Blood Pressure: Cabbage is rich in potassium, so can be helpful in regulating blood pressure and helps minimise sodium in your body as it is highly anti inflammatory.
  • Regulates Blood Sugar: Green is great,  but Red cabbage is coloured by betalains, which is a natural red pigment which gives cabbage and beets their distinctive colour. The betalains lowers blood sugar levels and improves insulin production.
  • Anti-inflammatory: Betalains have powerful anti-inflammatory properties as said above. So Cabbage’s anti-inflammatory properties help people who suffer from joint pain and arthritis. The benefits of betalain are not limited to those with swollen joints; as all disease is rooted in chronic inflammation, and, therefore, everyone should seek out foods with anti-inflammatory properties. So in One word EAT More.
  • Probiotic rich: Cabbage can be fermented to make sauerkraut.  I make this and have a super easy recipe for this.  A must for any family cupboard.  The recipe is great as the fermentation process can easily be done at home and produces glorious amounts of  probiotics that are known to improve the immune system, cognitive health and digestion.
  • Antioxidant: Red cabbage is rich in polyphenols, which is a powerful antioxidant for the brain and heart. They also have gulcuosinolates, which are cancer-fighting antioxidants and help fight.
  • Promotes Brain Health: Cabbage is rich in iodine which helps improve brain fog and function and really helpful for keeping the Central nervous system running. Iodine also helps prevent and treat neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease and a must for any vegetarians.
  • Prevents Roughage Deficiency:  Cabbages are rich in fibre, which is the main health benefit of roughage. Give kids and loved ones lots of cabbage to keep their digestive system in order and healthy.

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