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Plant Based food is a great way to boost wellbeing and vitality


  • This is one of Amelia Freer’s recipes from a cook book .
    For me, Plant based food offers so much vitality and rich vitamins. 
    Second nature to someone who grew up in a house of Vegans and vegetarians- my plantbased cookery workshops offer new inspiration and my cookery classes can be intimate for a few friends or colleagues who may wish to make small or bigger changes. Take a look at my instagram link above.
    This could be your lunch or evening meal – looks fabulous wouldn’t you agree!! Plant based eating is rich in vitality depending on how you arrange your Poke inspired bowl like this one here by Amelia shows her bowl looking particularly colourful and can be adapted to eat with the season you are in.
  • Cold or hot depending on how you feel and by adding simple red rice can be a hearty meal for any one how needs more good carbs and as a super lunch or dinner idea- or for leftovers! 
  • I grew up eating a lot of plant based food coming from a family with siblings with allergies and intolerance and learnt how to overcome this at home back in the 80’s and in those days eating out was a challenge ! !
  • If your thinking about your portion size or trying to loose body fat for the summer this is a good way to make a meal inviting!!!. click below and make a booking. 

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