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Get ready for a Seasonal Detox

Get Ready for a Seasonal Detox

Signs you may need a seasonal detox:

You feel cold, especially in your hands and feet

You experience water retention

Your skin is dry and lips chap easily 

You experience bloating after meals. 

You feel sluggish and with low energy

You feel constipated or have slow transit time. 

You feel tired during the day and unrefreshed on waking

You experience head fog or regular headaches. 

You have low energy or experience lethargy. 

Harmonise your body using the natural rhythms of the seasons

Autumn and Winter is a great time to take more rest and help the body receive the right levels of nutrients as Winter is a time when root vegetables are available and these help to recharge and restore organ health. Utilising this season to unburden the load on cells and nourish energy stores in preparation for the spring equinox. 

Learn how to eat with the seasons and support your body through to spring.

Learn how to use the season to benefit from your own mini hibernation by sleeping more, spending more time on self care. Get healthy detox recipes and get eating warming and nutrient-dense foods using a slow cooker. 

Steps to a Winter Detox:

Eat Simple, Nutrient-Dense Winter Foods

The winter months are the time of nourishment and restoration. If you feel cold, have low energy and dry skin these can be signs that you would benefit from simple, nutrient-dense foods including healthy fats. 


  1. Root winter vegetables ( and food that does not over tax the Liver is especially important when filtering out toxins and supporting this vital organ – a proper Holistic Nutrition consultation will address this and offer a step by step approach for this- Use my contact for if you wish to enrol on my 6 Detox programme by using the contact form below.
  2. Use healthy fats and ditch processed oils and blends
  3. Try making homemade broths or soups
  4. If you eat meat – eat only Organic grass-fed meat
  5. Try to eat Ethical food such as farm raised Eggs

Steps to a Successful Winter Detox Diet

Eat simple nutrient dense root vegetables

Don’t feel guilty about taking early nights and indulge your senses with warming aromas

Eat with the light – Try not to eat after dark – introduce a 7am-5.45-7pm rule

Eat seasonal food bought locally

The winter months are the time for serious nourishment and organ restoration.

An impaired immune system can be restored during October- March and you will reap the rewards next year if you take care of your health seriously.

A Winter Detox cultivates total self care and the benefits will show up as you will be vitality rich and glowing. It can be used for any life or stage in life including fertility, wellbeing and Stress reduction.

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