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Abdominal, Womb, Fertility Massage increases blood circulation to reproductive organs

I trained in Womb and Fertility Massage Therapy™ which is comforting massage that helps the womb, abdominal, sacral, upper back using a comforting massage for all our womanly needs

Before we were conceived, we existed in part as an egg in our mother’s ovary. This is fascinating … if you did not know..

All the eggs a woman will ever carry form in her ovaries

while she is a four-month-old fetus in the womb of her mother.

This means our cellular life as an egg begins in the womb of our grandmother.

Each of us spent five months in our grandmother’s womb

and she in turn formed within the womb of her grandmother. 

We vibrate to the rhythms of our mother’s blood before she herself is born.

And this pulse is the thread of blood that runs all the way back through the grandmothers to the first mother.

We all share the blood of the first mother – we are truly children of one blood.”


A deep acting sacred massage

This sacred womb massage draws on ancient wisdom passed down by women from different indigenous cultures through their respective cultures.

Womens Abdominal, Sacral, (Fertility ) Womb Massage

When I trained in Fertility massage 2017, I saw how nurturing this massage was and fell instantly in love with it.

There is pure pleasure in receiving this massage and how nourishing it is for the visceral connections. The connections for the internal pelvic and abdominal organs, sacral, womb, and how amazing this massage is for women who need a space to restore these organs.

This massage is highly restorative – harmony – deep inner love – balancing – reproductive health- digestive organs- parasympathetic connections – reigniting synapse connections – self love – BODY WISDOM.

Yoni Mudra
Let this massage help with your Women’s Health and Wellbeing

This massage is bliss for every woman… regardless of age …or life stage …it talks to the body at a deeper level and awakens each chakra connection for body to ignite the female power house…

Our Womb is our Sacred Temple

These treatments offer the opportunity women to receive and receive love, to receive healing for everything a woman is birthing throughout her life. Be this herself, her projects, her community and her family. These sessions serve to remind women of their innate power and how to use this has a resource centre moving forward.

A Womb and Fertility massage centres on the back, sacral, abdomen and works it magic to sooth the reproductive and digestive systems. This therapy is such a wonder as it works its magic and offers many energetic release techniques to encourage the body to restore itself.

The techniques help massage internal organs and re-align them releasing any internal pressure, as it strengthens and offers gentle stimulation and support as it helps increase circulation and blood flow within the abdominal area and pelvic bowl. This blood flow and circulation is highly supportive the body for it to optimise the function of digestive and reproductive organs for women’s wellness and restoration.

This massage improves circulation of the blood, and restores hormones. It eases tension in the muscles, fascia or organs, allowing them to move freely with the body.

This massage is a deep spiritual offer to women at any stage of life or fertility – this is fluid for our entire lives.

As a massage for assisting Fertility it has many advantages, but otherwise it helps align and restore inner

DID YOU KNOW: the fallopian tubes should be mobile so they can reach over to the opposite ovary for egg collection when needed and makes this massage so helpful as improved circulation makes this possible.

Women come to see me who need support in their healing journey or fertility journey, and for IVF or natural conception support using natural nutrition. Others may experience discomfort with menstrual health or period pains, ovarian cysts, endometriosis or if they are in recovery from any other gynecological issues. This massage will also see an improvement with digestive issues and hormonal imbalances as the deeper massage is supportive for these complaints as it soothes away discomfort and reconnects the whole body to relax.

What benefits are there for a Womb or Fertility massage?

Receiving a monthly abdominal, sacral, womb or fertility massage can provide many benefits for the whole reproductive system:

Healing the Womb – Healing the whole
  • Helps to reposition a tilted uterus
  • Promotes hormonal balance
  • Massage helps to break down scar tissue
  • Helps to reduce stress & stress hormones
  • Increases circulation to the uterus & cervix
  • Improves endocrine system communication
  • Encourages the liver to get rid of excess hormones
  • Prevents stagnation and detoxes the organs
  • Supports the immune system and thus fertility

The massage also has many benefits for the digestive system such as:

  • Improves gut motility and reduces constipation
  • Encourages optimum release of enzymes
  • Reduce bloating
  • Relief for IBS
  • Colon health and constipation
  • Promotes relaxation and thus improves digestive nerve function
  • Aiding liver detoxification

Hormones and Re-balance

The massage is thought to release feel good hormones, like oxytocin and promotes hormonal balance by clearing pathways for feedback between reproductive organs and endocrine system. Improving blood flow to the organs helps hormones feedback and can be important for menstrual cycle health and help aid the thickening of the endometrial lining in the womb to support a regular ovulation. By promoting liver function and detoxification the body is able to get rid of excess oestrogen and inhibit oestrogen dominance.

Scar tissue

Fertility massage can helpfully break down scar tissue and adhesions which are associated with e.g. endometriosis,PCOS, caesareans, failed IVF, hysterectomy, blocked fallopian tubes, pelvic issues and abdominal surgery. It also helps increase circulation in the abdominal organs for the spleen, diaphragm,the liver, pancreas, stomach, colon, ovaries, womb, pelvis bowl etc.

Oxygenated blood

Improving circulation and blood flow increases the flow of oxygenated blood into tissues and organs and is helpful for any cell renewal that might be needed which is helpful to a healthy cycle and every cell in the body. A healthy pelvic bowl will promote quality egg production and the blood supply to the womb will be help a successful egg transfer in IVF and for endometrial lining when needed for supporting a successful implantation of an embryo;. And for optimising the quality of cervical mucus for a healthy environment in the vagina and in helping sperm get to the right place.

Removes stagnation

Good blood circulation helps good blood flow in lymph flow out as it removes natural cellular waste to improve the environment of the internal tissues. 

This massage is also great for helping the womb clear out congested old blood that could be stuck after a menstruation. This is seen as brown blood at the beginning of a cycle and again at the end of a period. This happens often when the womb is tilted front, back or sideways. Old blood is not great as it creates residue toxins and contribute to monthly period pains. And old blood building up may be due to poor circulation.

Reduces pain

Finally a Fertility and Womb Massage reduces pain as it releases endorphins during the massage. Long-term pain can be helped by reducing scar tissue and in the removal of old blood.T

This massage is super for promoting gut motility and aiding the detoxification of a regular bowel movement. The colon is our 3rd lung and so the flow is important.

Also since it is so close to the reproductive system, any constipation will cause more toxins to build up in the area and have a negative impact pelvic organ health, and so massaging will promote the gentle release of endorphins which is our natural defense and painkiller.

What can you expect a Abdominal, Womb, Sacral and Fertility Massage Therapy treatment?

Soft lighting, ambient music and the warming and cosy smells of essential oils fill the air. Let go and be taken care of for 60-90 mins in a immersive and indulgent experience of sacred massage.

Gentle release work on the abdominal, sacral and womb, and other digestive organs as described above.

Arrive in a dreamily state where you are given permission to slowdown and be offered some emotional and energetic healing release work. Gentle pulsing, rocking and rebozo (Mexican shawl) which wraps around the head, abdominal and feet and cocooned with additional blankets allowing you to full immerse yourself in being taken care of by an expert practitioner.

At the end of the treatment you are given food suggestions to help on the journey of restoration.

“reconnection within the body and womb, help my you feel cared for and fully nurtured…. as you are meant to be ”. Randhiraj

Randhiraj Bilan
Randhiraj Bilan – Fertility, Womb and Abdominal Massage Therapy:NourishYIN

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