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How to Sprout Mung Beans

Sprouted Mung Beans: The Food of Angels

Sprouting Mung Beans are super easy and foul proof. Yes, Really. They are. If you’ve never tried it I would urge you to give it a try.

I first learnt how to do this in 2004 when I began studying for my Natural Nutrition Diploma. The course leader was a great advocate of raw food and we learnt the many ways in which we could optimise welling. Using spiralizers, wheatgrass, juicing and , naturopathic techniques such as skin brushing and many others for help clienting take their health into their hands with our guidance.

Day 1 : Soak for 24 hours

Day 1

These great versatile bean have been used in different cultures . Help cleanse and purify blood via the liver. A great cleansing bean. Here I’m showing how easy it is to sprout.

Method : 200gms Mung Beans : Wash well

Place in a large jug or pyrex dish.

Cover with water I put mine in spring or filtered alkaline water – Soak overnight / for 24 hours. Cover with a dark cloth- I put mine in a place where they will not be disturbed. A surface will be fine.

Day 3 Remove water and wash the beans until there is clean water. You will notice small shoots have begun to appear. I add a little water at the bottom of my beans -then cover and again, leave in a cool place. Repeat as day 2 on day 3. Wash gently- place again as in day 3- They will be ready to eat or left again for a further day.

Ready to eat: Refrigerate- and begin to eat – add to salads or soups.  They can be kept for up to 3 further days, however, I think it’s best to eat within 2 days.

Food Facts : Mung Beans are Rich in Vitamin B and …

  • Mung beans are rich in dietary fibre, so eating them can really improve digestion and good preventing celiac disease or other gastro conditions.
  • Mung beans are tiny, green or olive-green seeds in the legume family plants, originally from India. Split they are oval shaped and yellow.
  • Mung beans are a great source of iron and an essential mineral particularly good for women and young teens. This mineral is essential for everyone, but even more so for women who require 18 milligrams of it daily. Men have been reported to only need 8 mg to avoid anemia/ iron deficiency.
  • A single serving (either sprouted or not) can provide up to 80% of the required recommended daily intake of Iron / folate.
  • This is essential B vitamin plays an important part in the process of DNA creation so helps kidney function and Chi.

A mono diet, of Mung Bean and Rice helps cleanse the kidneys, colon and digestive organs.  Mung Beans are researched to strengthens liver function as well as help digest unwanted tissue. This calming, soothing and warming mono diet has an alkalising effect to build and tones organs, nerves and glands. 

Mung beans have been used ayurvedically and have proven themselves as rich in good carbohydrates, minerals, and all the vitamins we need. 

The healing properties of Mung Beans have been known as the Food of Angels. I grew up having Khejerri after any illness a firm favorite made by my mum and maji. This is because Mung Beans are great for building immunity and cleansing blood of toxins. Our ancestors have known this since time and have passed on this wisdom in families.

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