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Seasonal Vegetable and Rice ‘GushMush’ Khejerri – by Nourished Naturally – (add Mackerel-Optional )

This is a a recipe I made when my children were young and I needed a quick by healthy and yummy recipe after a day at work. I have been making variations of this over the years and its always a little different each time as I make it with fresh seasonal vegetables depending on what’s available. NB: This is a super quick recipe which can be made in literally 20 mins, the ginger, turmeric, chilli, garlic and onions are a essential component of this recipe which in my opinion make this a tasty and ayurvedic delight.


1 Onion

1 leek

300gm kale – add after onions have softened

add as much Broccoli as you would like to add for this recipe – each family likes a different amount.

4-6 cloves – 3 inches of fresh Ginger – crushed in a ‘Cortana’ – motar and pestle- we say Cortana in Punjabi !!

1 chilli – fresh ( is best ) – 1/2 if you have younger children to add a little peppery taste- no need to take seeds out!

Begin to Saute onions, garlic and ginger – add fresh coriander – about 1/2 handful – add leeks, kale and broccoli – lightly saute – cook for about 7 mins – while you cook this up- have the rice cooking so they are ready around the same time.

Cook Basmati Rice – you may want to use Camargue red rice – but if you do this it takes 23 mins- so please add this time to your recipe.

Wash well – or until water runs clear

1 cup rice – 2 cups water

2tbsp cocnut oil

1/2 tsp rock salt

2oz ghee – fresh clarified butter

Cook the rice – add butter at the end – for best results cook on a medium heat for 7-8 mins. Let rice water begin to boil them reduce and simmer until cooked. Add Ghee in last 2 mins.

I would have this with fresh yoghurt and Punjabi ‘kulcha’ salad – leaves, tomatoes and onions –

Add cooked peppered mackerel – this is optional – tastes good if you do want to add it – tear into strips

Add cooked rice – do not over mix- use salad servers to blend in – then serve immediately – add garnish of more coriander and freshly squeezed lemon juice.

(NB: Camargue Red Rice is a browny-maroon coloured, short grain rice with an earthy, nutty flavour. It is grown in southern France in marshland on the coast between Marseille and Montpelier).

GushMush Khedherri
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