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Menstrual Cycles and Healing the Womb

Heal the Womb – This Post Calls out to all you Mothers Sisters- Women – or anyone who’s feels wishes for a closer connection with their cycle…..

Don’t be out of sync or feel the time of the Rtu Menache is unwelcome… So many women can dread their bleed and build up of emotions that have been scripted for them and this does not need to be the case.

Hormones play a key role in every women’s health and when we are not clearing, cramping or in pain we can get crampy, grumpy and out of sync to put it politely!

A Women’s Fertility Cycle & Menstrual Health

The diagram above shows what happens in a ‘normal (Rtu ) Period cycle.

For women who have chosen the pill – no judgement – but did you know that having a bleed between packets is not a bleed but a pause. Did you think it was ? most women do . In fact most pills are designed for 21 days during which taking this hormone pill – these sugar coated pills. When you stop taking them, your body withdraws from the hormone dosage it’s been on, and the blood is not a natural bleed, it’s a simply a withdrawal from the cycle of hormones they contain .

If you decide to come off the pill. The first period after stopping the pill is known as a “withdrawal bleed” and your next period after the withdrawal bleed is classed as your first natural period.

The hormones we have in a months cycle

I have trained in many areas of women’s health and through my own life experiences taking my health in my own hands. I support natural methods of contraception and child birth that is underpinned by a positive regard for wellbeing using natural nutrition and an integrative approach to health.

I bought Laura Brigdens book recently as I felt compelled to share some body wisdom with my daughter . I wanted to support her become body-wiser and have always talked openly about women’s issues and in our house about Periods which are not a taboo subject like it was when i was a child.

I remember my mum whispering so my dad and brothers didn’t hear us say ‘we were on’ or ‘having our bleed’ – she was very sweet about it but it may have coincided with her own challenges and I remember her going to lie down because of her cramps and headaches. I recall how sad I felt when she was upstairs and unreachable as my life was always much better with her around.

My maji (maathaji/ grandmmother ) was also very sweet and would send me with a hot cup of tea for her. She’d had 5 children naturally and knew all about the time of the month and the need to recoup alone.

I really understand this now and once of the principal reasons I work with women, healing them from inside out and in my feminine energy work and fertility as I am a strong advocate on women’s health and mentor and have made informed choices for myself. This work makes me happy and of use to others on their journeys.

It’s interesting how 80% of ourselves is derived from our genes. And how each woman’s life is a predetermined imprint of their ancestors and our fertility is determined by our mothers or grandmothers if this is known. I understand It will be harder if these are not known.

Our creative expression plays a key role in our outlook along with the environmental factors that have made us who we are today. Consider your timeline and reflect on this. An interesting exercise to do when you have time.

Lara Briden’s book one of many among a growing movement that I am proud to be part of for women to own our own sexuality and feminine energy. Add race and culture into the mix and it gets even more interesting.

Womens femininity can be called many things, the divine, woman, the sensual woman, the mother energy, shakti power, shakti divine source – self, and connect to this inner feminine energy—  compassion, empathy, love, warmth, Mother are innate of the archetypal feminine form. I could carry on … the thing each has in common is the understanding and appreciation in ourselves, our lives or choices we stand by or learn about as we jouney to be the women we wish to be.

Laura’s book is good for women who want to reconnect with their cycle and understand our choices. My Chandni Rtu Mandala is also helpful to understand your season and cycle click to read on it here or my Shakti Compassion programme which can be used during your cycle – sign up for my guidance and have your holistic needs discussed.

I share my tools with clients who come to see me and need answers to their own timeline.

They reveal a honest account of the forces that can change or determine fertility and menstrual stories for teens and women.

I think Laura’s book is a must read if want to be bodywise and understand your cycle or beyond and make informed choices for period and women’s health. I don’t usually suggest books as my work is deeper than this and unique as a bespoke service to women for healing cycles or conception efforts using food wisdom for better cycles and belly love, womb and fertility massage.

Anyway after sharing this with my eldest daughter (20) she said it was really insightful and helped her hear another professional thoughtful woman’s voice. It helped us have a number of further conversations as she knows how I work with women to reconnect them to this space. I was thrilled to hear her speak about what she had read and own her sexuality.

It appears to have made sense to her and helped her understand the importance of knowing her cycle. This book might be considered a must read or have on your bookshelves & your homes to offer children and sisters awareness it’s called the  #periodrepairmanual.

The connection with natural whole foods for wellbeing or for Peri & Menopause women’s wellness and period health- menstrual health can all be taboo subjects in many homes / cultures- although It does not need to be – I could go on but I wont – anyone find this equally frustrating- please feel free to comment Book with me or contact if you want further guidance or ask a question about your cycle. I also offer 121 appointments ( or for your teens who may be having difficulties )

Further to this post. May 7th Full Moon tomorrow will be in Scorpio which is concerned with all things reproductive, creative and therefore key!! Again. If this resonates for you consider getting my guidance to support any reproductive health or healing 🦋

A little about Yoni Steaming ..which is great for improving menstrual cycles and menstrual health..

  • In Western cultures Yoni steam is known as Vaginal Steam , V-Steam
  • The Mayans call it Bajo – meaing low in Spanish
  • The Koreans call it Chai-Yok
  • Yoni (योनि) is from Sanskrit for vagina and womb care, it can be translated as the origin of life and is the symbol of the Hindu Goddess Devi.

The benefits …

  • They reduce period pain
  • help reduce
  • Stop pre and post-menstrual spotting as they clear old blood and debris.
  • Can help to regulate irregular or absent menstrual cycles.
  • Improve fertility.
  • Increase blood circulation and blood flow.
  • Speed healing and tone the reproductive system, uterus including after childbirth.
  • Cleanse the uterine lining and residue (old) blood.
  • Treat uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, uterine weakness, uterine prolapse & endometriosis.
  • Improve period bleeding that is brown or black in colour.
  • Relieve symptoms of menopause including hot flashes and vaginal dryness.
Ask about a blend and I will suggest some herbs…

I’m Randhiraj Bilan – feel free to contact me …

This book offers some insight and body wise awareness for women’s on their bodies. Their health and the modern challenges of contraception options. This book is on my page – It offers some insight to your Mensural Cycles – and what a real bleed is all about. In my opinion, this book should be in every home for sons and daughters should read. For anyone who wishes to gain a better understanding of how to tune in to their bodies- maybe get this book. Or book with me- I am working online and providing online consultations and guidance on menstrual health- pre conception.

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