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Connect with your higher self and notice how you raise your vibration

Learn to listen to the higher or your better self helps make subtle shifts in ones life and the ego quietens down to make life easier to manage.

Randhiraj Bilan 2020
Learn to listen to your better self

Connect With Your Higher Self And Learn how To Listen To Your Inner Voice:

Listen closely to your feelings and tune in on how you feel before shifting into action:

How do you do this?

Well it’s simpler than you think.

Listen carefully to your inner voice- yes, your inner voice is the voice that you may notice inside your head or the voice you may or may not pay attention to. I don’t mean the irrational self. No , I mean the better self which comes a little later .

Zen + Yin = Karma Living

Learning to hear this voice can be simple and here is a simple and effective exercise to try it out.

  1. Before making a major decision, observe how you feel about it.
  2. Pay attention to any fears or blocks that come up.
  3. Listen carefully to the ‘ other’ voice – the one that you also hear that stops you – Now change this voice to an invitation and weigh up your options.
  4. You can do this by simply observing the pros and cons. Or by thinking outside the box
  5. Now listen to your heart before taking a decision. .
  6. YES, – This is your NEW Higher Self
  7. To hear this new voice more often – Take the following steps …
  8. Sit quietly before making or taking any new decision  
  9. Observe how you feel without placing any judgment on yourself…
  10. This is the new you. Try it out –
  11. You can also log how you feel about the new you.
  12. Listening to your inner voice and grow your awareness of your higher self

Your higher-self is a representation of who you are . Its embodies the high-vibrational love for your own goals . Keep making time to communicate with your higher-self.

As you evolve this relationship you can deepen your connection with your self love. 

You can ask your higher-self for guidance on your journey in life. Your higher-self is waiting to connect and will become a intimate and lovingly relationship with yourself.


Make time and honor your higher self. Follow your heart and become content with your inner voice using it’s guidance to evolve in your life.

Try Daily Automatic Writing

You may wish to go one step further to hear your inner voice or higher self and record this in a book or journal . You do this by writing as soon as you get up … you can also do this by writing a question to your higher-self. something that important for you.

Before you do this invite in a loving white and pink light and ask that you only speak to your higher-self. you might begin by saying ‘I invite in my higher self to offer guidance today.’..

Write down (without editing) what comes out …write it onto the paper and by manifesting words that will come from your heart.

Pay attention to the difference between the ego, and your higher-self on paper

Your ego will show up by being demanding, but your higher-self will be inspiring and loving and creative!

New plans… ideas… inspiration to think outside of the box will offer you new ways of doing things you felt stuck with before ..

Healing Music

You might want to try the exercises above using soothing music. Harps and gentle classical music invite in the angelic energy. Chants and om– sounds invite in the divine and the soulful presence of the higher-self.

Ask your question before the music starts. Sit and ‘ be’ as you listen. With the music playing, sit in the silence. In this space – your loving higher-self will be able to join you and offer you support, inspiration and loving guidance.


Using nature helps us to Breathe easier. We see the beauty of bird song or nature around us with fresh eyes.

Fresh air will raise your vibrations, and create a space for the food to your soul and spirit. You may wish to do this to create a ritual of self care and love by talking a daily walk.


Wholesome food offers much needed nourishment. Simply eat more fresh, vegetables and pulses in your diet. It’s known that Meat, dairy, and processed foods take longer to digest, and may rob your body of its’ vital energy.

Fruits and vegetables and whole grains digest quicker and give our bodies the fuel they need to function properly.

SPEND AS MUCH TIME with Mother Earth – this is food for the soul and lifts the spirit

When you sit with Mother Earth it becomes a real friend to you as you sit and observe trees, birds, sun, and the earth itself. Allow yourself to get lost in nature for the an afternoon or run through a wood or forest. Observe streams, rivers or simply splash around in water and forget about all your responsibilities for this time and go off the grid by thinking outside the box – dream of your new life.

Rekindling your ties with Mother Earth helps to restore inner peace and a karma life which also helps us evolve a spiritual daily practice of self care.

Randhiraj Bilan

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