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Wild Garlic and Cougette Gardeneira

Nourished Naturally Wild Garlic Gardineria

This recipe is carluccio inspired. I loved this when I had it in the 80’s when I ate out, it was mostly Carluccios I ate at being vegetarian.

I gave up white pasta as it has never agreed with me and I found myself bloated and uncomfortable. These days, when I make this recipe, I use buckwheat pasta but my children love pasta so for them, I use organic pasta.


Buckwheat or non gluten pasta organic preferable

4 cloves garlic

wild garlic – this is seasonal March -May and only available in wild places 200gm -chopped

2 Courgette – grated

1 onion

Parmasan cheese

Cook pasta – 7 mins or until al dente.

Fry garlic, courgette and chopped wild garlic- saute – season with sea salt and black pepper – I use homemade ghee .

Add pasta – stir quickly –

add ghee to your taste

Add grated parmesan – according to your taste

Serve and eat hot!

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