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Rose Quartz: an Energetic Remedy to Restore Self Care

ROSE QUARTZ is a an amazing healing stone and  crystal which is  linked to the goddess Venus, who is also known as ‘Ishta ‘the goddess of love and beauty.

I use this crystal for my healing work and Shakti Devi work with women as she for me is the hindu deity of all creation.
She is the Great Divine Mother” …

she is an Indian goddess ..the Mother or Creatrix and essential for rebirth-

She has a divine sacred female energy which can be transformational when we tap into it.

I might write about her another time if you’re intrigued! and please comment below if you would like this. She is the source of both matter and physical energy, as well as just about everything else.

Her dance is the dance of the cosmos and she transforms the divine feminine consort of the divine masculine god Shiva and a powerful force within each of us if only we tap into it. I run a closed facebook group called Shakti Devi Rises .

Rose Quartz is a great choice for healing because of its feminine qualities and is a highly restorative crystal that will helps us re-balance, and heals on many levels .

It is a great stabiliser of moods and re- purification of the blood and the chi or kidney energy. I have used this stone since the 70’s and I just love it. I always have one at hand and keep it closeby.

Rose quartz is such a powerful stone. It has amazing healing and a subtle loving energy that is ideal complementary healing stone and is also used as an energetic remedy in homeopathy as an energetic healing remedy. This is a must to have in your personal toolkit and for cultivating self-care and self love during times of stress or any significant trauma.. This is because this stone offers a lot of compassion at our times of need.

Send love out and receive love ..

This is also a perfect crystal for placing in your home, a special place in your living space, office, car, handbag, window sill mantle piece, pocket, or next to the heart chakra as it helps restore… peace, harmony and cultivates a positive aspect for the heart and offers a loving gentle energy.

Rose quartz also offers a deep personal connection of love; it offers a gentle healing energy to calm things down in your life as also creates a deeper level of healing when used with the intention of bringing harmony into your life after turbulent times.

It is a fantastic stone to help heal trauma and restores and centres the heart chakra to help realignment with your purpose.

Homeopathic Tonic

It can be used as a energetic tonic and is also truly amazing healing tonic to use as an energetic medicine. It helps restore and centred the system and when worn too as a stone can accelerate healing. Energetically as a Homeopathic remedy it heals from within . This is something that I recently discovered during my postgraduate licenced training as I am now studying Homeopathy.

I also make my own clarity essences using the influence of the moon energy and certain crystals but I am learning how it can be used as a energetic remedy to heal the heart homeopathically.

Rose Quartz For Releasing Emotional Trauma

Heal the heart!

As an energetic homeopathic remedy it can be used for heart ache, heart break of any kind just like arnica which is well known. This remedy can be used also for acute physical trauma and break through old wounds and traumas.

This remedy can also be helpful for people who have felt the only way to deal with things was to close their heart after a traumatic experience or disappointment. Using Rose Quartz as a remedy helps softens the heart energy and can be offered to people who also need this where they may have been hurt or deeply wounded and the wound leaves them unable to face the trauma for whatever reason. This will help. For anyone who has buried the emotion as as a defense because of the trauma attached to the time hurt so much and manifested pain.

Rose Quartz purifies and opens the heart at all levels to promote love, self-love, friendship, deep inner healing and feelings of peace.

This can be an excellent remedy for children/teenagers or adults who need help to go back to old trauma that impacted as children. This is because this is an excellent remedy for supporting the thymus gland which is part of the endocrine and the immune system.

The अनाहत (sanskrit for heart anahata) is linked to the 4th Chakra and the Thymus gland.

Anahata अनाहतHeart Chakra4th ChakraThymus gland

This is a great remedy for people who take on the role of being the peace makers or try to restore harmony in the house, which can result in not paying attention to their own need and in doing so result in feelings of heightened stress or a sense of duty, and find it hard to relax.

Rose Quartz is a great remedy to use when there is a fear of loss, painful emotions as it helps open the heart chakra and promotes more balance and a journey of self-love.

Rose Quartz is the stone of universal love. It restore inner worth and trust and offers the opportunity to harmonise relationships as it offers encouragement to go beyond to create unconditional love. This is particularly important when we want to heal …

The beautiful qualities of Rose Quartz stone, strengthens, tone and balance the physical heart and circulatory system and helps to release impurities from bodily fluids.  It can also be placed on spring water and drank as a tonic once it is cleansed and helps recovery from loss. This is something I do a lot and even better on a Leo moon day.

The feminine divine and healing properties of this crystal are endless and there have been provings of its use for other things like, reducing blood pressure, chest and lung problems, heartache, kidneys and adrenal support.  A good all round energetic support for those who need it. Rose Quartz is an essential stone for every day use.

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