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Hosting the ArchAngels in your home for self healing, healing humanity and for mother earth

Hosting the ArchAngels in your home is an amazing ritual to offer and host in your home. My sister shared this with me last year after she had experienced it.

My own experience was simply remarkable and transformational that I decided to share it as a post.

This 5 day ritual can be used by any person regardless of faith and is particularly helpful to improve a spiritual connection with archangels or the faith you follow.

The archangels are an amazing source of support when they are called upon and offer their support unconditionally as their main purpose is to support healing for humanity or for anyone who needs guidance or support at any time. I use them in my Reiki and Seichem and intuitive healing work and have had many positive results.

I often call upon Gabriel, Metatron, Guru Nanak, Mother Mary, and Ariel in my intuitive work and during my service of others and have seen amazing results from this work and the light they offer us all if we simply tune in to them.

These light sourced angels are so close to light source and available to us, offering much solace when called upon (if you believe in this way of working).

I believe if our intention is clear, when we ask for guidance, support or clarity – they never fail to offer gentle guidance and encouragement and particularly at our greatest times of need. I have called upon Metatron an Guru Nanak many times and they have never failed me yet. I am so grateful for this.

With their help, things happen, flourish and grow. The one thing that is certain is that they always offer unconditional guidance as long as we are specific for what our needs are.

If you’re anything like me, you may do offer service to others and this is a way of giving and offering ‘service in kind’. In my work as I said earlier, I often call upon ArchAngel Gabriel, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Guru Nanak Dev Ji and even Buddha. I have grown my curiosity for their help with the clients who come to see me for many years and they have never failed to help and support me in my work . I use them in my Reiki and Seichem and my Light Language or soul healing work.

Arch Angels – are everywhere – we just need to learn to hear and see then!

Hosting the ArchAngels in your home to heal humanity and mother earth is a worthy cause

This ritual is really simple – by asking Archangels, Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Metatron Ariel or any other arch angels in – we assist them to continue their service to Humanity and Mother Earth. HOSTING the ARCHANGELS is a lovely ritual which involves preparation before they are hosted in your home.

What to do to invite them into your home for the suggested 5 day visit …

There is some preparation involved ahead of the visit and a few things you will need for the ritual and your altar – A flower or plant, a candle, some sweet fruit, and place for the meditation altar (table) to hold the sacred items.  

There is a welcoming prayer: You should think of 3 wishes (3 for the Earth, 3 your family and 3 yourself and record these clearly and concisely), – select the day and time of their arrival.

It is best to have some flexibility in your schedule and include a daily morning and evening meditation each day during the 5 days.

If you choose to participate, know that it will be an opportunity to ask questions and receive answers … e.g ask for guidance and receive direction … be given ways to help others.  Be open with a full heart and be “present” as you move through these days for all that is being presented to you.

About the Visiting Archangels

The five Archangels:

  • Archangel Michael – The Master and Protector of the Light; Male Archetype; Physical and Emotional Strength and Protection; Trailblazer
  • Archangel Raphael – The Divine Healer; Guardian Angel Archetype; Physical and Emotional Health
  • Archangel Gabriel – The Master Angel of Mercy and Compassion; Female Archetype;  Care and Protection of Family, Home, and Pets
  • Archangel Uriel – The Angel of Creativity; Assists in Creating Success in a Spiritual Way;  Detachment from Results
  • Archangel Metatron – The Chancellor of Heaven; the Prince of Ministering Angels;  Assists on the Path to Enlightenment

What you need to do for the ‘Preparation’:

  1. Determine a date and time of arrival and departure.- or if you are setting it up for the first time agree this in advance. The Angels like to arrive at 10.30pm and leave at the same time on their leaving day.
  2.  There stay for their five day visit, – arrange to pass them on as you begin and schedule this after the 5 days finish and then move onto their chosen person/people- chose 3-5 people. ASk them to select their 3-5 people before they begin as not to break the cycle.
  3.  The time you select should be a time that you can greet them at the door when they arrive and can bid them farewell after the fifth day.
  4. Select the area and table to be used for your ceremonial altar.  A small table in a quiet spot of your home is best, as you will want to sit in meditation near this spot each day
  5. Select the flower / plant, candle(s), statue(s) and type of fruit / Apple is a good as you eat it on day 5.  A white flower is typically used; however, any colour will work, as well or a small plant with flowers.  
  6. The candle you chose should be white (votive or pillar); you can chose to also have a battery operated candle available, if you do not wish to burn a candle while you are out or sleeping. or A church candle which has a longer burning time (150 hours)
  7. Put in an envelope a letter with 3 wishes; one for mother earth, one for your family and one for you. 
  8. In Formulating your 3 wishes – be clear and be concise.  Not too much detail – summarise a happy outcome.
  9. On the sealed envelope, put an apple that you will eat only after they leave.  Lay the envelope on the altar near your candle and white flower.
  10. The house must be clean and tidy, much like you would prepare if you were receiving a house guest. or do this etherically to clear all things past or old.
  11. You will need to send the instructions out to the next 3 people and make sure that you have their physical addresses for the last night so that the archangels will know where they are going on day 1.

Day before Arrival:

  1. Set up altar and light candle prior to the scheduled arrival.

Day of Arrival:

  1. Welcome the Archangels at the predetermined time by opening the door through which they will enter and depart.
  2. Greet the Archangels with the Welcome Prayer.
  3. Sit in meditation by the altar .

Welcome Message/Prayer

Welcome the five Archangels.  When they arrive in front of your home at 10:30 pm, 

open the front door and read this greeting out loud:

“Hello and welcome Archangels to my home.

You were sent to me from (name who sent them).

I am very grateful to each of you for your purity, compassion and for bringing peace to my home and the places to each of us who live within this home hold dear in our hearts.

I am very grateful to you for bringing harmony, joy and serenity to all of us.

I am ever grateful to you for fulfilling my wishes and working for us with humanity.”

From that moment on, the Archangels make things happen.  It is recommended to regard the five days as a special time to find room for the vibration of higher energies to re-align many things.  For some, this may mean you want to ask questions or find a quiet moment in your busy day to meditate with each of them.  But remember, there is no limitation. TRUST!!!  You can also ask them to go with you through the day.

Prepare the Welcome Prayer, Departure Prayer, and 3 Wishes (Mother Earth, Family, and Self).  The prayers can be as simple or elaborate as your heart dictates.  Simply welcome them and express your love and appreciation for all they do.

Inquire among family and friends for the next Hosting; provide information and schedule to those interested.

During their Visit:

Be sure to mediate morning and night – you can do this for as long as you wish or are able – remember to Listen!  Love!  Laugh!  Learn!  & Journal!

Day of Departure:

  1. Talk with the Archangels about their next Hosts.
  2. Write the Host’s names on a piece of paper, to be placed near the candle.
  3. Prior to departure, safely burn the paper and place the ashes outside.
  4. At time of departure, say the Departure Prayer as you open the door.
  5. Once they leave, safely burn your wishes and place the ashes outside.
  6. Eat the fruit from the altar.
  7. Set the flower / plant outside to recycle naturally.
  8. Check in with the next Host to confirm date, time, and process.

On the Last Day

On the last day of the visit, give the Archangels the names and addresses of the people you find who want to host them next. You will need to send these people the information and the simple ritual below and specify to them the day of the arrival and departure of the Archangels from their home. The time stays 10:30 pm, no matter the time difference.  It is always the local time.  With a complete day of 24 hours long, the Archangels’ visit is always five days and then they rest for five days, before going for another five day visit with a new host.

Closing Time…Ending Ceremony

When it is almost time for them to leave, write the names and addresses of each person you have asked to host them next.  With your candle burn this paper.  This action will pass their names into the Etheric for the Archangels to go to the next homes.  Then send your thanks and love to the Archangels for all their help.

After They Leave

Burn the envelope with your wishes in it and eat your apple.  It will contain lots of good nutrients and more for you to take in.  Place the flower outside on the earth.


If you find you don’t have three additional people to Host?  don’t worry; it will all work out as the universe provides in all ways!  By showing a willingness to participate, and taking part, you are part of the whole and the result is more love in humanity, and peace and harmony prevails!

A little more on each of the Archangels.. so you can get to know them as they each are amazing to bring into your life – even after hosting them in your home.

Gabriel – “My task is to guide you to fulfill your hopes and dreams, deal with your karmic issues and progress on the path towards harmony with all. This requires a balance between the active side of you and the passive side of you. I am the spiritual awakener who visits you in your dreams, bringing you fresh hope, intuition and new aspirations.”

Raphael – “I come on a pure spiral that flows from Father Sun to manifest all life on Mother Earth. It is the glorious energy ray whose nurturing warmth brings you joy of living, banishes darkness and enlightens your life and future. I aid you in making decisions, using logic and analytical skills, and taking action accordingly.”

Michael – “As lord of light and ruler of Mercury, my primary gift to you is communication and truth. I strengthen and protect you My Light dispels all darkness and falsehood from your life. My golden sword lights your way to truth, wisdom and freedom.”

Uriel – “Uriel is the Archangel of Wisdom, Illumination, Light and of the Sun. Uriel uses alchemy through the cleansing fires of purification. All old programming can be burnt away and all blocks within rendered down to ash. My energy empowers you, securing the foundation on which to build your new self. Collectively, my alchemy flames bring infinite possibility.”

Metatron – “I am the guardian of the Tree of Life. Both the base and the summit are your points of connection to the Creator and All Life. I guide you toward the sanctuary of the pure white dove of peace. Let your spirituality gradually become supremely important, for as you reach the crown, you grasp the secret wisdom of All. My twin angel, Shekinah helps you to secure your foundation in the earthly kingdom. As you reconnect with All Life through sacred geometry, you will send and receive Love and Light, magnifying it within your heart for the benefit of All Life.”

Ariel – “I help those who call upon me to recognize the sacred spark within Nature and all living things and beings. As an angel associated with Metaphysics and Manifestation, I can help you understand how to use the Law of Attraction, not simply as a tool to use for personal gain but for the advancement of all life. Look to me if you wish to awaken to a collective level of consciousness and manifestation, or for how to manifest peace, love and balance within your greater world. For, I can teach those who call upon me how to more purposefully create a bridge between Heaven and Earth; Spirit and Matter; Father God and Mother Nature; Yin and Yang. I often work as a companion angel to Archangel Raphael; the Archangel governing Healing.”

Guru Nanak believes there is only one God, which I feel is ‘source’ and that ‘all humanity can have direct access to ‘source ‘ with no need of rituals or priests. He denounced the caste system and upheld the beautiful view that everyone is equal, regardless of caste or gender. He was a great humanitarian at heart.

Remember : to give the Archangels the names and addresses of the people on the last day of their visit at your home. You should send these people the information and simple ritual above, and specify to them the date of arrival and departure of the Archangels from their home. The time (10:30 p.m.) stays the same, no matter the time difference. It is always the local time. The day is 24 hours long. The Archangels’ visit is always 5 days, and then they can rest for 5 days before coming back for another 5 day visit with a new host or back to you. The 5-day process of rest/visit/rest/visit continues as people pass it on.

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