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Love Yourself and Practice Self Care

Tips for Loving yourself more 

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Before you read on Take a deep breath and open your heart

Begin Your Self Care Journey by practicing the following:

  1. Begin each day by telling yourself something really positive. Offer yourself a big smile. Say I love myself no matter what…  
  2. Fuel your body with wholesome food and hydrate well with herbal fresh brews that help your thrive and be nourished naturally .
  3. Move every part of your body every single day and feel the air on your face … BREATH life into your life by taking a daily walk in nature….and know every breath and step helps detox you at a cellular level -Be in nature and let mother nature kiss the skin you’re in.
  4. Don’t believe your inner critic – when this happens – reframe and give the thought a flip – the more you do this the more you can love yourself
  5. Surround yourself with people who love and encourage you. Let them be your reminder of how amazing you are and how much you are valued.
  6. Try not to compare yourself to other people – you are unique. . There is no one on this planet like you, The only person you should compare yourself to is you how much better you can be for today and every day – this is self love.
  7. End Toxic relationships – If Anyone makes you feel anything less doesn’t deserve to be a part of your life.
  8. Celebrate your small wins and be proud of what you have become or achieved.
  9. Step outside of your comfort zone and try new thing each week – begin to feel how good this can feel and get to do more of what you didn’t know you could do – THINK BIGGER and bolder and pay attention to how good this can feel.
  10. Embrace and love the things that make you different. This is what makes you special. Stay unique..
  11. Stay real to your life – notice the things that are good in your life and hold on to them if they make you feel good inside. Appreciate what you have
  12. Take time out everyday for YOU – Open your mind and Breathe in and out, just be for however long you decide to give yourself this time out.. no judgement if you don’t!.
  13. Follow your passions. You know that thing that gets you so excited but scares you at the same time. The thing you really want to do but have convinced yourself it won’t work. You should go do that! – plan these into your life ..make them real..
  14. Self-love takes practice – an ever evolving event. Practice this daily – Be kind and support yourself to love every bit of this journey.
  15. Write down the things you will work on for your self love and self care. Writing these thoughts down are powerful and will begin to evolve- You can use a journal – centre on the things you want by lighting a candle – whatever you want to let go of also write down and then – let them go.
  16. Be mindful of what feel and want in your life. Live your life by creating new rules.
  17. Notice the things that you are grateful for every day. You may have down days this is part of being human – notice why and find a way to draw a line in this moment by holding on to the positives. Reflect on the things you are grateful for to help you shift your mind – There are many techniques such as tapping that can help you increase your energy field and bring in more positivity. Get in touch if this is something you need.
  18. Reach out to those people in your world who can support you …family, friends, healers, to help you through these tough times. Do not go through these times alone.
  19. Learn to say No – this is self love and self care and doesn’t make you a bad person, it makes you a honest person.
  20. Forgive yourself. You know that thing you did one time (or maybe a few times) that made you feel bad, embarrassed, ashamed? It’s time to let that go. You can’t change the things you have done in the past but you can control your future. Take these as your lesson in life and  learn from this experience and use your ability to change.
  21. Time out with a lovely cup of something – as you sit down for a few minutes on your own. Think about the wonderful things that are happening in your life right now, what you love about your life – visualise your big dreams are and how you can make them happen.
  22. Get creative – express yourself in whatever way you like. Painting, sewing, making, writing, sculpting, building, music, playing, being, whatever makes you creative and do one of these a week or more – whatever makes you happy.
  23. Let go of any past trauma and wounds. You can use remedies for this – get in touch and can make you a specific remedy to help you. This can be a really tough – but be bigger and seek support – you don’t have to carry this with you anymore. Healing is the key.
  24. Find your happy place. Where’s the one place you feel totally at ease, calm, happy, positive, high on life? Go to that place when you are going through hard times, or imagine yourself being there. Think about how it feels, what it smells like, what it looks like.
  25. The next time you are feeling happy and on top of the world make a list of your best qualities and accomplishments. This is  wonderful exercise and reminder for when you are having a day that’s less than amazing.
  26. Keep in touch with your inner child – laugh with people who help you laugh out loud
  27. . If it’s anything less than loving, encouraging and supportive in your life- let it or them know and tell yourself it’s time to make a change. You deserve to be spoken to in the same way you deserve to be spoken to – you deserve this in everyday of your life
  28. Invite fun into your life! love yourself more and do the things that really increase the fire and joy. Enjoy them, enjoy being you and enjoy an incredible life.

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