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Bring in the New Year

Don’t wait to begin living….. live as you mean to go on and stop dwelling on your regrets…

Love yourself and those in your life who grow your purpose….. lose yourself in the lost child you once knew…..

Take more self care moments and add more self love reflection so that you can find yourself again and he things that make you happier in 2021 …

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New Beginnings

New Beginnings

Take the many lessons and growth of 2020 into 2021 …… reflect…… imagine how you will make the things important in your heart and grow stronger and more real into the life you wish to lead…

Wish upon the Full moon in Cancer tonight – Cancer offers us the opportunity of closure … or if we have any regrets in 2020 – put these behind you….. move into a brand new 2021 with a warm glow in your belly which is full of your new wishes for yourself and any loved ones….

This cold moon, offers the opportunity to heal any challenges /wounds that have resurfaced during the year and offers each of us a way to move forward into 2021 with a higher perspective, to be centred and alignment with the feeling in our bellies to rise in our spirit.

Visioning your future….Wish upon a Full-moon

Self-care tips: 

1.Vision boards are a fantastic and creative way to make your wishes and dreams a reality.

2.Create a collage of your dreams, goals, and wishes for your life path in 2021. Hang it up in a visible place in your home, and release attachment to the goals. Watch them start to come to life in the new year.

3. Cleanse a crystal – to increase the healing properties : Celestine is an excellent option for the higher self when used in conjunction with a Cancer full moon to promote a stronger connection with your divine intuition.

4. Meditation practice. Create some time for a silent meditation – listen to your higher self and take note of what it is telling you – write down what comes up – and take heed

5. Plan a day off to spend time with family, a loved one, or close friend -. You deserve to have a break, as one of the signs that has made it through 2020 feeling more empowered and changed.

6. Plan a date with yourself and have a evening of self love – make food you enjoy, Take a long bath – watch something funny and have a real belly laugh – Tap into inner child and nurture your self care s you mean to go on – plan more of these nights in throughout new year.

But most importantly … be compassionate and kind to yourself now and for the coming year as 2020 was pretty hard for us all ….

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