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Rtu – Why should we reclaim Rajas ?

Sanskrit for Rtu Rajas – This is Sinu Joseph – She reminds me of some of the stories my Maji talked about when I was a child and began my Rtu Raja journey….

Sinu Joseph- Menstrual Rtu Educator from India

Read about my Chandni Rtu Mandala here if you want to learn how I can support you to think about reclaiming your rtu cycle

Rajas – is ‘menstruality’ – There are so many names which you can read below – for women from south asian decent – lets embrace the positive stories of our roots and heritage and reframe them for the next generation …. I am a mother of 2 daughters and a son – There is no shame in being a mother – it’s a beautiful creation of love and without a cycle were would they be ! I love how Sinu explains her story –

Chandni Rtu Mandala- Moon Period Circle -

রজস্rajasimpurity  i.e. the menstrual discharge of a woman 


পুষ্পpuSpan.menstrual flux

fজীৱরক্তjIvaraktan.menstrual blood

রক্তraktan.menstrual fluid

কলাkalAf.menstrual discharge

ঋতুRtum.menstrual discharge

রজrajam.menstrual excretion

আর্তৱArtavan.menstrual discharge

কুসুমkusuman.menstrual discharge

ফলphalan.menstrual discharge

যোনিরঞ্জনyoniraJjanan.menstrual excretion

স্ত্রীপুষ্পstrIpuSpan.menstrual excretion

সুপুষ্পsupuSpan.menstrual excretion

রজসrajasaadj.the menstrual excretion

উদাৱর্তাudAvartAf.painful menstrual discharge

সমভিপ্লুতsamabhiplutaadj.covered with menstrual excretions

ৱিরজvirajaadj.free from the menstrual excretion

রজোদর্শনrajodarzanan.appearance of the menstrual excretion

ৱৃথার্তৱাvRthArtavAf.one whose menstrual discharge is fruitless

ৱিগতার্তৱাvigatArtavAf.woman in whom the menstrual excretion has ceased

আর্তৱArtavan.ten days after the menstrual discharge fit for generation

ষণ্ঢীSaNDhIf.vulva of a woman that has no menstrual periods and no breasts


A good reference on menopause for Women of South Asian Decent

Reclaim Rtu Rajas
Learn the ease of your season – come work with me and reclaim your heritage stories and connection to mother earth

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