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The Abundance of Self Love under a Scorpio Moon

Scorpio – is concerned with our reproductive health –

For all the women reading this – this is our Feminine Divine Powerhouse- The Sacrum- Uterine — Ovaries- -Pubic Bone /Bowl – and all these divine and abundant organs of reproductive ness

These organs will be more open and sensitive so be gentle with yourselves today and for the next few days-

Be open and available to the influence of this moon and what it is saying and how you ae feeling Use the power of this moon to cleanse and renew – use the opportunity to do this is on this magnificent pink super gibbous moon and the next 2 days that follow.

The Element is Water

Scorpio Personality Traits: Psychic & Sensitive - What Are The Traits Of A  Scorpio? | California Psychics

Create an altar for this Super Moon -For this powerful Supermoon

Make a special sacred space – practice more self love for your reproductive health …

This is a perfect way to grow your self love for yourself, your belly, your womb, your reproductive health

Develop your self care – use daily affirmations that help you practice positive thinking and a empowerment for your female power centre – your self.

Our Sacral – Belly – Womb Space has so many possibilities is all about Our – Self Love and Divine Feminine Self and health

Creating abundance with a self love altar is a great way to make this a tribute to your self care practice and visit it every day which in its’ self will create more self love and abundance of self care.

How to begin

Begin with a single altar – add items to it that represent your feminine self add things that represent the Fire Elements.

I have several altars devoted to my self and love of my life – you can add things that are symbolic for your life; your female self – include people who show up for you – love you for who you are.

Add fresh red orchids- or seasonal flowers

Belly Love

Add messages sent to you

Draw on the power of the divine – draw on your personal power house and your creatrix to be exquisite

Add Crystals – Jasper – Coral – Fire Opal if you are lucky enough to have one- Garnet-Ruby are all amazing – be a Creatrix – be your own powerhouse for your growth

I have picked up mine over the years. From times I needed more focus on my creatrix – igniting my inner ‘ fire’ I love Coral, red Jasper, Garnet are Ruby are all my favorites- these are all amazing for increasing female inne calm – inner harmony in any home and helps focus on the love in your life – these also help align the lower chakras- IGNITING Abundance in every way they are used.

Reflection of the love in your life.

An altar can symbolise your intentions – your self love and keeps your mind focussed on Scorpio which is significant for me in my life and include people who ask for my help or support.

Wishes come True

An altar can hold the Five Elements, or the Four Elements which are often used in traditional altars.  

It really all depends on your purpose and what you wish to be represented in your life.  

The Five Elements consider the expansion of Wood, manifestation of Fire, intention Metal, relaxation Water, and grounding Earth and can be presented easily.

Fire it – up – be bolder now than ever ….

Add salt or a salt lamp,  pieces of nature from a nature walk, seasonal herbs or flowers, natural stone, and sticks from many places I love to be in. Light a candle of intent

Keep the altar in a your bedroom you love while you sleep will invite more love.

Use the energy of water to being peace and tranquility. Seashells, sea salt, or a bowl of water are simple altar decorations and fantastic for creating ideas while you take a soak and indulge in you self love.

The Moon is also associated with water since it guides the tides, and I use my goddess cards to remind me of the power of the Divine Feminine force and the brilliant energies of the moon. I also use these cards to remind myself of my self care self-love taking guidance from them and the moon when I take a card.

You could Anoint your altar items with water, using just one drop on your finger will do the trick. I have holy water from India in mine. Try it, say a blessing while you anoint yourself with water . You can also use your favourite perfume or essential oil.

A Simple Blessing to say at your Altar :

I gift myself love as I am worthy of this as I stand here before you. I place an intention of love for all that I hold dear in my life and wish to keep this way. Love is the key and love is the single most important thing in my life for myself and those around me.

A simple candle is perfect to honour the fire element after you say your blessing or in silence as you think of yourself and the love you wish to invite. Fire is used for renewing life. I include fire in each of my altars and a star cluster quartz is on one of mine representing a white flame!  Simply saying a prayer or blessing while lighting any candle can kindle your relationship with this powerful element and practice self love.

Self Love is everything

Transformative Properties of Fire

Fire is pure transformation. Moving forward without fear- yu are unstoppable

Fire is used in eastern ceremonies and rituals- I have grewn up with this all my life from my heritage.

Fire burns away the old to make way for the new.

Fire – embraces the NEW – This flame represents energy in its most focused, pure form and is so medium potent for manifesting. Using candles, sage, palo santo or incense on an altar is a great way to add the Fire element and celebrate the new.

Celebrate with Ceremonial food – RED Rice- and Seasonal Vegetables – made as a congee would be fitting for this ceremony.

Each time you light a candle, add an affirmation or intention that relate to a desire or wish. A candle flame can also be used for meditations and helps create focus. Notice this as you gaze into a flame – see how it helps to focus the mind.

Feathers, butterflies, incense and smudge are wonderful Air associations for an altar and I have many on mine as they make a beautiful altar.

By Simply lighting the incense or smudging with sage- breath deeply and offer this element the honour it deserves invites a new act of self appreciation and love.

You can learn much more about the elements and develop personal rituals, recipes, meditations, and more on altars and engage your self love and the practice of self care. I offer guidance on this as part of my intuitive healing and guidance work . Use the contact form below I you need help for your self care journey and self love.

Randhiraj Bilan
Randhiraj Bilan

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