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Belly Love Part 2 – Join me by emailing below

Discover how you can offer yourself more BellyLove – Simple steps that can be incorporated into an everyone routine.

It’s all a question of how much love you wish to offer your self care. If you’re ready to delve deeper and take closer look at how this can be achieved using a number of approaches -e.g. Daily self care practices, Carefully selected foods, and a chance to delve deeper into your psyche to understand why you have been how been feeling this way about yourself.

Join me to for Belly Love – Part 2 June 6th 2.30pm

a beautiful unapologetic approach for yourself and your compassionate self care


Belly Love Workshop Today – 6th June – 2.30pm unravel and be at ease with yourself – forgiving your body and experience a loving ceremony to show you ‘Belly Love’

Randhiraj Bilan

Let go – and welcome a new journey of self love – and bring in the new you

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