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The Power of 2 for 2022!

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Dearest ones

I am Wishing you all a very prosperous New Year. Did you know that 2022 is a auspicious number

Yes,  2022 could be your year to make and take advantage of this unique magic number – That’s because 222 is an amplification of the ‘Master’ Number 22.  And becomes even more powerful as the power of 3!

222 offers us the possibility of turning the most ambitious dreams into reality. …..

The opportunity to use divine intervention 

The opportunity to use this year for your  spiritual awakening. 

Remember this simple mantra  good things come to those who wish big – make your wishes specific – write them down – add images and bless them everyday –

Join my wellness retreat and I will discuss this further and discuss how –

Just a few simple steps to follow which could offer you so much more in 2022

Join me and lets journey together on this path for 2022 – Sign up to my Wellness Circle – 5th January – The retreat begins at 7.45pm and where I will be discussing how to create your own new beginning and make your vision board a reality – email below to reserve your place – this event will cost £12.20

x Randhiraj 

Randhiraj Bilan

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