Puuramasi – Preparing for a Full Moon – Create Your Self Care Rituals

Each Puuramasi (Full Moon) is a special time to indulge and enrich your day with cleansing rituals to invite in the new.

A monthly time to offer self reflection and take look again at our core beliefs.

To create more self awareness and set new intentions on a Full moon is a special self care ritual that has been practiced for thousands of years.

A Full Moon can be a time for greater personal awareness – 

A time for  self care and conscious spiritual practice

A time for spiritual growth

A time to sit quietly –

Time to reassess your goals –

Cleanse and move forward in the light

Bath in its light

A time to Indulge in our etheric senses

A time to  pay close attention to the positive aspects of ourselves,

To re-establish the things that are important to us

To offer and provide ourselves in the awake of our new raised self awareness more shanti . 
It can be a time to renew our vows of self care and begin a new path.
A full moon can be a time to 

Practice breathe… Offer a Puja -Practice Yoga … set new  Intentions, sit quietly … Meditate, Create personalised Rituals

 Let Go of the old – Create the new and make wishes come alive

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