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Natural Approaches and Remedies To Help Support Stomach Complaints

The Stomach in Traditional Chinese Medicine is believed to be linked to the earth element.

Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that our stomach is our earth and root and links us to the earth element which means during turbulent times we may become hypersensitive which leads to an impact on our emotions and a place that causes our stomach to go out of kilter as the stomach is our Qi and centre.

Stomach are an expression of our earth and how we perceive ourselves in our world

Have you ever heard the expression ‘feel it in my gut’ or ‘gut feeling’ – I rest my case.

Therefore being tuned to what we need is imperative and will offer much comfort.

Have you wondered why we need comfort food? I’ll leave you ponder on that thought but if you would like to know there are many facets to that question – why not give me a call if you want to discuss this further or find out more from me.

Why suffer in silence

A lot of people suffer in silence with common stomach complaints that are often result in bloating, gas, irritation, nausea, stomach cramps all of which can make us feel uncomfortable and often even lead to constipation or other colon complaints.

Food intolerances can be th result of many things and the cofactors involved need to be considered too.

Lifestyle has its part to play and it is important to listen and understand what works to make the digestive system work in harmony with our emotions and other organs.

Homeopathy can be used to get to the root of the matter for many IBS, Gastritis and digestive tract complaints

Getting to the root of the matter that has caused the discomfort in the first instance is vital. Without knowing the reason we cannot cure the whole as we say in Homeopathy and the complaint continues.

For many there may be genuine reasons for bloating or pains such as food allergies, hereditary intolerances auto immune dis-ease. All of which will take its toll on the digestive system.

For most people it is also important to understand how to increase gut flora /bacteria. Yes, you may have heard this before but daily life such as stress, lack of sleep, late nights irregular eating, fast-food & takeaways are often the reason and will have a negative  impact a healthy system by taxing it further so it does not work as efficiently as it might.

Homeopathy has a proven track record in helping alleviate chronic symptoms. In 2005, a study at Bristol Homoeopathic Hospital showed over 70% of patients with chronic diseases, such as irritable bowel syndrome, reported positive health changes after using homeopathic medicine. Interestingly, there were more than 6,500 patients took who part in the six-year longitudinal study. They had chronic problems such as arthritis, eczema, asthma, migraine, irritable bowel syndrome, depression and chronic fatigue. 

For now, here are a few remedies to help reduce /remove the ill effects of IBS, Gastritis and digestive tract issues:

Lycopodium Clavatum

This remedy is well-suited for people with IBS & food intolerances, especially onions, oysters, cabbage and beans. Where pains are worse in the evening, typically from 4- 8pm and are relieved by passing wind. The inflamed digestive tract struggles to get enough nutrition from food, so there can be loss of weight with fullness and bloating in the abdomen. The appetite is very changeable and can go from being ravenous to very full after a few mouthfuls. This is a great liver tonic and helps to calm down any liver complaints.


This remedy is good for stomach cramps which are better for doubling up but worse from anger or indignation. The pains are short, sharp & pinching and aggravated after eating, especially fruit. Heat & pressure may give some relief to the pains which can extend to the lower back or into the buttocks.

Nux Vomica

This remedy suits people who burn the candle at both ends, by working hard and playing harder and a stressful lifestyle which can take it’s toll on the digestive system and lead to complaint such as stomach cramps, acid reflux and further aggravated by emotional or mental exertion.

Arsenicum Album

This remedy is great for stomach cramps for people who feel chilly; so much so that even eating cold food such as ice cream aggravates.  

Argentum Nitricum 

This remedy is good for belching or flatulence. For nausea or indigestion from nervous complaints or anxiety, or anticipatory stress.


For Stomach cramps irritated by touch, burning pains worse in the morning or late at night. When the stomach feels very heavy straight after eating. 

Bryonia Alba 

A useful remedy in IBS – or aggravated from eating carbs such as pastas, bread For when the stomach feels heavy like a stone and sitting there. Belching relieves the pain – tastes of undigested food. Tight clothing and walking about also worsen the condition. 

Carbo Veg 

The remedy is suited to older people or those suffering from general fatigue with stomach pains that are burning, sore or pressing. There are cramps which feel like the stomach is being contracted with a lot of bloating after eating. Butter, fats & rich foods can cause belching, heartburn and indigestion with weakness or faintness.

China Officinalis 

Stomach acidity with bloating or sour belching. The appetite swings from ravenous to completely off food, a feeling of fullness after eating even small amousnt. Fruit and milk aggravate and the pains are pressing or sore. Digestion is slow.

Natrum Muriaticum 

Indigestion after starchy food with sour belching . Painful cramps, aggravated by touch. Strong emotions such as grief, or stewing on the past can also aggravate the condition.

when I treat the individual, I use a holistic approach and may use a combination of remedies and may suggest food, lifestyle changes and herbal tinctures in aiding wellbeing goals.

Homeopathy is safe holistic and complementary non allopathic system that can be used for any acute problems.

This post is aimed at providing some insight on the many natural remedies that can be used for common stomach complaints, however I would always recommend seeing a licensed holistic homeopath like me in order to have a bespoke personalised remedy blend created which looks deeper at the mental emotional, physical particular and physical peculiar to address any long standing complaints. Although I have offered an insight to many remedies above to use in First Aid self-prescribing which you can obtain from me. I am also trained in Natural Nutrition and can work creatively to support and heal you back to health.

For long term problems such as IBS always consult a professional homeopath; you can find the registered homeopaths at where I am registered or come directly to see me at my clinic hub in North London, in person or online. I offer very competitive rates and a great after care service.

For those that would like to learn more for themselves, I offer bespoke First Aid Kits that are created with your needs in mind. I run bespoke courses for friends and family get in touch if this interests you.

Randhiraj Bilan DNN,LCPH, MARH

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