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The Benefits of Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth for Detoxing and Improving Digestive Health

Diatomaceous earth has many benefits on health. It offers an alternative way of detoxifying harmful toxins out and can be used daily alongside supplements.

Diatomaceous Earth is naturally absorbent and abrasive nature is an ideal way to use as an internal cleanser.

As it passes through it absorbs harmful toxins, without major changes to your diet or lifestyle.

This naturally occurring soft, sedimentary rock which is made from the fossilized remains of microscopic aquatic creatures called diatoms, known as a group of algae holds amazing properties for improving digestive health.

A little about Diatomaceous Earth:

The skeletons of the unicellular organisms are made of silica and are accumulated from the sediment of rivers, streams, freshwater lakes, oceans all over the world which can take hundreds of thousands to millions of years.

These silica-containing deposits are mined for both industrial and food-grade use and offer some real benefits to health if used regularly.

Silica Dioxide

Diatomaceous earth is a concentrated source of silica. Also known as silicon dioxide, Silica is commonly found in nature in natural minerals such as quartz, clay, sand, and living organisms.

Silica is becoming a highly sought product for industrial and personal land going much popularity for its many health benefits. Its not written about often which is why I am today.

The Food-grade diatomaceous earth, is purified and safe for both humans and animals

and a potent, natural substance with many reported health benefits.

It can be used as dietary supplement for it amazing benefits to help move things out of the colon and alimentary canal / intestines, and help create healthier hair, skin, bones, and joints.

Long Term use has many health benefits that include :

– Improved digestion / regular bowel movements
– Better liver and colon functioning
– Improved detoxification and removal of heavy metals
– Stronger immune function and protection from illnesses
– Healthier looking skin, hair and nails
– Stronger bones and protection from fractures or osteoporosis
– Improved joint and ligament health
– Improved energy


Dietary Diatomaceous Earth can be really beneficial to hair as it is rich in Silica, a nutrient needed for healthy hair. Did you know many Pharmaceutical Hair supplements use Silica to promote health hair growth but make those products very costly.


Diatomaceous Earth can have amazing result on skin as silica fortifies skin because it is full of collagen which can really benefit skin health as it is a great addition.


The Silica in diatomaceous earth is strengthening to nails.

Detoxification /Parasite

Diatomaceous earth helps remove and eliminate unhealthy bacteria in the intestines – and parasites, fungi, protozoa, endotoxins, pesticides and drug residues, e-coli, heavy metals (including methyl mercury), and protein toxins produced by intestinal infections from the body.

It does this by removing the residue toxins and heavy metals, from the intestinal tract over time if taken regularly.  If you have tested positive for parasites or suspect a parasitic infection, Diatomaceous Earth is a gentler and more natural alternative for removing the intestinal parasites and lodged toxins. 

Parasites that are host in the stomach or digestive tract are killed by the fine edges of Diatomaceous earth. Its these edges can help to gently and effectively clean the walls of the intestines, removing intestinal mucus, bacteria and mould build up .

Removing this debris enables the body to absorb more e nutrients from the foods we eat.

Intestinal parasite symptoms can cause bloating , IBS like symptoms, gastrointestinal discomfort, brain fog, reduced cognitive function, poor sleep, reduced appetite, low energy to name some of effects.

If you suspect you have intestinal parasites, you can have a simple stool test and food grade diatomaceous earth powder can be used safely as a gentle natural remedy to ease bloating or any uncomfortable intestinal symptoms.

Improved Digestion

As stated above, the “detoxifying” properties of diatomaceous earth aid detoxification and th clearing of the colon, and can lead to improved digestive function and increase the efficiency of bowel movements.

A Parasite cleanse can also be used for household loved pets. Use this link to read more and find out how link .

Reducing Cholesterol

There was a study undertaken which used Diatomaceous earth over a period of time and had some really results results to lower cholesterol.

Anecdotal “Die-Off” Flu-Like Symptoms 

Some anecdotal reports describe a “die-off” process (known as a Jarisch–Herxheimer reaction) during this early stage of the detox process and you may experience flu like symptoms which results from the release of toxins or debris being unpacked and cleansed out the Intestinal / colon – they should die off within a few days.

How to use Diatomaceous Earth for a health /cleanse

Take diatomaceous earth on an empty stomach. Start low – 1/4 of a teaspoon in a glass of 500ml of water once a day.- Mix vigorously and drink immediately. Increase the dose slowly as you may experience headaches if you have had too much – less if best to being with .

As your body begins to detox you might experience the “die-off,” stated above, and a result of the toxic load -mild flu-like symptoms – a side effect of the toxins leaving the body, and not a side effect of diatomaceous earth.

To counteract these symptoms increase your fluid intake – you should have a couple of glasses. If the symptoms persist, You can Lower the dose and take it a little slower as the detoxification process may result in headaches.

I would advice eating lighter foods, food that is alkaline and preferably organic, avoiding heavy meat during the detox – Keep taking and increasing the dosage until you are at a maintenance of up to level – 1 teaspoon or tables spoon per serving. I take mine every morning on an empty stomach.

The detox is helping the liver to remove residue toxins and you may wish to stay on a maintenance dose along with other supplements to keep your body from holding on to toxins.

Homeopathy and Herbal tinctures

Homeopathic medicine and specific Herbal tinctures can prove useful to help detoxing, and it is important to consult a complementary health practitioner like myself before using a product like this.

If this post has intrigued you, and you wish to learn more on how you might use homeopathy and natural nutrition for your wellbeing – please contact me at

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