A smile counts for everything 

This post is about teeth. How many of you have or had concerns about your teeth?

The meridian chart shows how each tooth is link to key organs

What is happening?

Discolouration, Cavities, Plaque , Fillings. Or fillings that need to be refilled? 

Reseeding gums?, Inflammation , Gum disease, Calcium loss 

Porus teeth , Bleeding gums, Bad breath , Pain 

Toothache, Abscess, Enamel loss  – The list could go on…& on. 

Visting a Dentist

If you’ve been to see your dentist they advise regular brushing. Interdental sticks. Flossing etc. 

These are some simple things we can do to keep our teeth for life.  The last treatment I had on my teeth was aged 16 and did not need a treatment.

At a recent check up with my dentist they told me when I was a child the dentist was playing in my mouth. In the 70’s dentists got £ for each tooth and my then dentist saw a cashpoint when he met my mum as there were 6 of us and each tooth added up to big money!

My teeth are ageing and I try to take care of them well- I oil pull, floss, use interdental sticks every evening and use an electric toothbrush 2-3 times a day.

I avoid fluoride where possible- although in London we can’t avoid it as its put in all drinking water –

I joke that the water we drink has been through 7 kidneys – imagine what this water is giving us energetically !!

 Recently a little of my one of my bottoms teeth enamel fell off. I decided to use homeopathy and it has been my saving grace.

My tooth literally grew back. This is proven that a holistic approach works to support the bodies vitality. I am living proof and can show anyone the evidence of the magic of homeopathy it works!

Come to see for yourselves!


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