21 days of Abundance to co create a better life

Deepak CHOPRA’ CENTRE’s 21-DAY MEDITATION CHALLENGE: Gifting here for you to choose for the next 21 days ….

Choose this link to guide you through this beautiful challenge and create the time for yourself using this daily practice. With some much troubling us in he world today using a opportunity to reset and connect with ourselves can be rewarding enlightening and warming to the soul.

I first use this challenge several years ago – my sister sent me a link as she was doing this for herself – it was hard to offer myself the regular time, mostly as I was busy living a busy life and raising my children and running my business.

For me, I accepted the gifts of this time and used Deepaks effortless way to see what i ha been missing – I offer you all this challenge so that you too can see the gifts of this truly wonderful experience – please feel free to share my post on to anyone you feel will befit from it.

Below shows the break down of what the course covers. Stick with it and see the benefits of this experience. You can also reach out to me if you wish – i would love to hear your experience.

We have 21 days until Divali – this is the festival of light- feel free to read that post for a further pint of interest. Divali is essentially about good over evil and if we choose to love it can speed joy and ameliorating us all.

A further post I have is to call the arch angels into your home- this too is a wonderful experience and another challenge that you may wish to try – here is the link to it – you may want to read out of curiosity – I love doing this just before a celebration in my home or for one of our birthdays to reset the tone around and in us. Here it is for ease in case you are curious to read it.

Deepaks 21 days abundance challenge is a true gift that helps us switch on our own internallight …. join me below and read about this journey

Here it is – this is a link from Youtube with Deepak and a J Balvin a beautiful voice I have chosen for you all

Week 1
Day 1 Creating Abundance: Mantras 
Day 2 Authentic Abundance 
Day 3 Creating Abundance 
Day 4 Attracting What I Want 
Day 5 Limitless Abundance 
Day 6 Whatever I Can Dream –  it’s Within Me 

Week 2
Day 7 Manifesting Miracles 
Day 8 I Can Create Anything 
Day 9 Opening to Receive {
Day 10 Conscious Creation 
Day 11 Expecting the Best 
Day 12  My Heart’s Desire 
 Day 13 Trusting the Universe 

Week 3
Day 14 My True Purpose 
 Day 15 The Magic of Synchrodestiny 
:Day 16 Gifts of Gratitude 
Day 17 All is Well 
Day 18 My Unified Spirit  & Living Love 
 Day 19 Living Luxury 
Day 20 Everyday Abundance 
 Day 21 Healing the World 

21 days of true abundance is waitingor you all ….

21 days to reset your inner world
A daily practice of self love and care

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