Metabolic Balance® Programme

What makes it different from other weight management programmes?


 Metabolic Balance is unique as a weight loss or weight gain programme and scientifically designed to reset your metabolism and help you burn off excess fats or gain weight by  regulating your insulin production.

You eat  natural food everyday.  There are no shakes or meal replacement products provided and everything is available at your local grocery shop. You will eat 3 meals 3 times a day EVERY DAY.

My food philosophy is to eat seasonal, whole foods and maintain good portion control (everything in moderation!).  I  teach you how you can prep and  prepare delicious, light, fresh meals you and your loved ones  will grow to  love!


What are the key elements of Metabolic Balance? 

Metabolic balance® is a scientifically-devised nutrition and hormonal regulation programme : –

It is based on 28 years of research and an internationally acclaimed and well documented evidenced based programme.

The individualised nutrition plan forms the heart of metabolic balance®

The four phases of the programme continues to use real food which are easily sourced from any supermarket

The personalised nutrition roadmap obtained from your blood analysis provides bespoke food to help you reset your body chemistry and sustain your weight loss

The programme is not supplements-based .  This programme does not suggest highly processed meal replacements, or old fashioned calorie counting.

An Anti-Aging & Anti-inflammatory programme 

I qualified as a Metabolic Balance coach 4 years ago and have been using a number of the principles since undertaking the training. I also offer my own weight loss programme called

The Metabolic Balance programme is a bespoke  programmes  using YOUR blood test results, personal and medical information.


This programme will transform  the way you eat forever and provide a individualised food plan  your body can use to balance and harmonise your hormones and loose weight safely and gradually. 

If followed correctly, You will be surprised to experience  transformation of your body,  your vitality, your health and see results that will make you feel good about your body weight.  

You will notice other improvements too such as  better sleep patterns, improved  emotional well-being and feeling happier as you begin to see the results of your body changing.

You  feel healthier, happier with more confident and it will be visible to everyone who sees you!  Trust this programme – it can be life changing.  

As you shed body fat, your muscles and connective tissues will continue to be  protected by which means your skin remains supple and smooth. Many people experience a sense of overall well-being and energy. It often gives you the inspiration for a healthier diet, lifestyle and a renewed sense of being.

The four phases to the programme:

Phase 1: Cleanse A 2 day initial preparation phase to cleanse and prepares your body for the changes ahead.

Phase 2: Weight Loss

This phase lasts for 14 days.  Sometimes called the strict phase, it is the time when  your personalised nutrition plan begins to work.  You lose weight and notice improvements in your energy levels and wellbeing.  Recipes can be suggested in this phase to help you make the most of  your personalised Metabolic Balance programme.



The option to add Exercise can be introduced slowly-  pilates,  yoga, cardio, weights-  brisk walking decide which you want to include to help you become healthier and fitter.

Phase 3: Integration /Relaxed  Phase 3 continues until you reach your goal or desired weight.  This is the Relaxed phase where you add food that you have omitted from your diet.  You continue to receive regular reviews and are  coached to make adjustments to make this a sustainable programme with food you enjoy. During this phase, you introduce a greater variety of foods that you enjoy as special treat meals which actually help your body to keep on track towards your goal.  Yes, you can actually go out and eat what you fancy on Metabolic Balance®, within reason of course.  Your weight loss continues and the inch loss becomes more apparent.
Phase 4: Optimise health You have a 2nd blood test during this phase.


This  phase is the maintenance phase.  You  continue to enjoy all the benefits of Metabolic Balance® – Using the skills you have learnt to make a life change that helps change eating habits to maintain a your desired healthy weight.

The personalised nutritional plan not only tells you what your body needs but you also will learn which foods are not good for you and should be avoided. It includes three meals daily and snacking is strongly discouraged between meals to stimulate fat burning.32bc1b_049fbea2e31445248a9c9b1165f2a49a.jpg

Simple sugars and high glycemic carbohydrates are to be eliminated because they disturb the balance of sugar and insulin in the body and stimulate the accumulation of body fat. Foods that help to keep the insulin levels low are preferred, which are those with a low glycemic load.

Dr. Funfack says that the body has a ‘protein memory’ and this is one of the causes of cravings and overeating with low calorie dieting. For this reason high protein foods play an important part in this plan.

Every meal contains protein. The macronutrient ratio is approximately 45% carbohydrates, 20 % protein and 35% fats.  An individual programme is created for you based on your results of a blood test.

The  4 month Programme costs £1,225 to get the results you want, and need.

(*This is paid for by you directly to the DRs Lab TDL  Wimpole Street )

  1. Your bespoke Blood Tests* (x2)  taken at a Laboratory phase 1 and phase 4- 
  2. A  Metabolic Programme designed for you
  3. 6 Consultation Support Meetings  45 mins
  4. 2 follow phone calls or Zoom or FaceTime calls for 25 mins
  5. Follow x 2 further appointments during phase 4 – 35mins

or Call Randhiraj for your FREE discovery call today to see how Metabolic is right for you . or why not sign up to my ‘Mehanth ‘ programme – to lose weight based on my principals. I suggest seasonal, whole foods,  portion control (everything in moderation!).  I  teach you how you can prep and  prepare delicious, light, fresh meals you and your loved ones  will grow to love! and it takes   Mehanth- i.e.’ effort’.  

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