Women’s Abdominal Sacral Massage

Womens Abdominal Sacral Massage:  £75.00- 70 mins

Randhiraj’s Abdominal  Sacral Massage is highly restorative and helps Nourish Yin Energy to eliminate tensions and strains held by the body.  This Massage supports the circulation system to remove toxin build up as it focusses on the abdominal region and ascending and descending colon to relieve tensions and hormonal imbalances.  

This massage is supportive to area between the solar plexus,  stomach and abdominal area to release traumas held by the body.  This massage is highly effective at removing toxin build up and old matter being held in the colon reducing  the stress placed on the abdominal area because of lifestyle stresses that may impact the the digestive and reproductive organs.  This massage can be really helpful for any gut or digestive complaints, Irritable bowel syndrome, menopause symptoms, PMT,  and supportive in improving the  overall  abdominal health for anyone who suffers in silence. 

The Treatment


This treatment encourages oxygen, blood flow

Helps with abdominal and digestive complaints linked to stress, menopause, bloating, PMT and IBS.

and the secondary circulation via the  lymph which is a great help to getting rid of waste and toxins .  The Chi energy flows to the abdominal organs and connective tissue is revitalised, bringing about an improved state of well-being. 

Abdominal Sacral Massage works around the fascia and connective tissues and the layers of the abdominal, lower back and sacral area.

I offer reiki, guided meditation and Tibetan Healing Sound Bowl to make this a highly restorative treatment for anyone who wants this along with their treatment.  

This massage has many proven  benefits for classic abdominal and digestive complaints such as stress which causes bloating, PMT, IBS, food intolerances, menopausal symptoms. Also for other conditions  Endometriosis, Miscarriage, Post Operation Scarring, and in helping women manage  Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) or Fibroids.


This massage can also be used for a deep massage detox and you may notice a little  discomfort pockets or tension.  The benefits are enormous as you create space in your abdomen by having this highly supportive massage.

To arrange an appointment please call 07976686592  using my contact form below .

Treatment Plans are available for One Month, Two Month & Three Month packages and highly advisable to see the results in your abdominal health .