Massage Menu- Be Woman kind

My treatments are all designed for Women and  offered as 75 or  90 minute packages… 
 …I  can nclude Guided Meditations, Relaxing Music, Reiki Healing, Soul Healing or Spiritual Healing  or none if preferred without.
Nutrition will be subject to an supplementary charge  and priced accordingly.    

My Free Guided Meditation to help reduce anxiety or concerns

Marvellous Woman – Well-Womb Massage – is for any woman who has problem periods – irregular, PCOS, Fibroids,  Endometriosis be gone!

Fertility Boosting Massage Therapy  & Abdominal Sacral and Womb Fertility Massage – Optimise your chances of conception whether you’re preparing for pregnancy use natural methods or alongside assisted fertility treatment.
Mama’s Delight – Pre or Post-Natal Massage

Relax, soothe and heal during this precious time. Rebozo and Meditation are used for this sacred time.  Time to surrender and be nurtured by an experienced practitioner who uses ancient Indian traditions of massage, healing and music which makes this a highly therapeutic experience.


Women’s Bliss– Relax, soothe and heal the sacral and heart during this precious time. Rebozo and Meditation are used for this sacred time. Rebozo and Meditation are used for this sacred time.  Woman Bliss can be used alongside other  assisted methods for reproductive health  as a time out massage to be bedywise and woman kind 

Wise Well Woman  + Well Women Massage-  Massage– for women’s abdominal and pelvic health , IBS, Fibroids, endometriosis, Menopause and peri menopausal.   hour 10 mins treatment. Massage for Menopause and Peri-menopause
Support, nourish and balance during this time of change.
Restore and Dissolve – Massage for  restoring Emotional Wellbeing – Healing can be added to this massage to Release Stress, Anxiety and Past trauma.  

Seasonal Detox Massage– Complements a Spring, Summer, Winter or Autumn cleanse package. £90 for a 1 hour 15 mins min treatment.  Include advice on how to benefit from a  natural detox using naturopathic nutrition techniques and subject to an additional charge. 

Well Girls pre & post menstrual complaints-  Well girls is a Massage to relieve menstrual complaints and highly restorative

Women’s Well being Package– Energy healing with Massage and includes a guided meditation.

Be Well Again Massage for Women only – support well being,  recovery or during ill health, boost natural immunity, & menopause. £90 for a 90 min treatment and guided meditation.

Therapeutic  Massage and Guided Meditation  –  this massage is helpful in cases of  loss and traumas. This includes a guided meditation and energy healing alongside a therapeutic massage.


Sacred Heart –  Therapeutic Massage for women who have experienced trauma or loss.  Connect  inner wisdom of the heart and sacral – Connects the base chakra and  heart centre to inspire growth, healing and a stronger connection to your inner wisdom.

Grow and Love your Healthy Gut – Massage for Digestion and Abdominal Health – a deep tissue massage -Change the story for your digestive system and restore health and equilibrium. Nutrition Advice and Probiotic food/ Seasonal Food.

Systems Restored! – Abdominal Sacral Fertility Massage for Men – This is  only offered as a service  when working with both couples for fertility boosting packages. 

Consecutive treatments  offer additional benefits –  call Randhiraj to discuss the packages offered as 2 or 4 treatments.  

Contact me if your feeling curious, brave, and ready to dive deep with my holistic support services.