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Randhiraj is a Natural Nutritionist, Social Worker, Women’s Integrative  Holistic Therapist and  trained in Systemic Therapy.  She brings  over 32 years social work experience to her work with people and worked as a complementary therapist since 2000.  This gives her great insight of the many challenges facing women and families and she offers insight and a realistic approach for implementing changes to diet in her consultations.   

Randhiraj promotes a preventative approach in her plans which are based on evidenced based research along with her  comprehensive knowledge of working with families.  
She offers clients insight in her work with them and practical suggestions to implement to manage everyday stresses.  She has helped clients with  health conditions  and offered practical and manageable recommendations in her carefully designed bespoke holistic nutrition programmes.  

She makes realistic suggestions,  food alternatives and suggestions and helped rebalance and stabilise hormones for the whole family using her  Personalised Nutrition Programmes and Well being plans.

As a mother of 3 children (2 of whom are now in their teens)  She continues to work with disadvantaged children who have experienced significant neglect, trauma or abuse and  shares her passion for food and the many preventative benefits it has when used to help vitality and health.  Her mentoring approach offers clients valuable information about food as medicine to make a positive impact on people’s well being and lives. and in preventing illness and health conditons 

Randhiraj integrates her many skills into her work with clients and the therapeutic value of this is something you benefit from when you speak or see her.  She is also a registered Fertility Massage Therapy practitioner which  has proven benefits for women of all stages of life and for abdominal conditions such as PCOS, Endometriosis, IBS, Fertility and this can benefit women that need another complementary approach.   She also offers women abdominal and sacral massage which is a deep tissue massage for improving abdominal health.  However what makes Randhiraj unique as a Nutritionist and Complementary Therapist is the way she integrates her many skills and her holistic approach to working holistically for women’s health and wellbeing.

Her holistic services promote better well being and health for preconception, bump, tots, teens, beyond & in later life.

She runs workshops, events, healthy eating programmes throughout London  and cookery classes, that are educational and highly regarded in her community.

Randhiraj comes from a family where food takes centre stage. Her cookery classes are run under her business name Spice Junky™ Authentic Punjabi Cookery Classes  to promote healthy Authentic Indian Food using her Diploma in Natural Nutrition and uses good fats and seasonal food which is well sourced.  Her classes are well attended.  She has been a highly accomplished and competent trainer and uses her transferable interpersonal management skills to make all her events fun and easy to follow .

For more information, or to make an enquiry  Call  Randhiraj on 07976686592 or use the form below: 

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