Nourished Naturally – is A Holistic Integrative Wellbeing Service that supports you to ‘Heal from inside Out’

Randhiraj Bilan

…..Use an integrated approach for mind, body with my complementary services.

I draw on my heritage and Ayurvedic principles to help restore vitality

I offer guidance on natural nutrition using naturopathic evidenced based guidance; the ancient art of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) which listens and hears ‘the whole persons story’ to improve organ health.

My guidance draws on the ancient art of understanding the moon phases to optimise wellbeing, and seasonal food.

I offer Homeopathy which is a natural energetic healing system derived from natural herbs, plants, the animal kingdom, metals and minerals. This system can facilitate healing from inside out.

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Review,  Reset or Reflect on your holistic wellbeing goals and feel healthier and happier.

Boost health using REAL FOOD

Online support via : Skype, Face Time :

Bespoke Consultations – Regular Phone calls between consultations

My Consultation Price Includes a standard package as follows :

  • 121 consultation – 1 hour
  • A bespoke Wellbeing Plan – provided within 5 days of your appointment
  • A Follow up – 30 min to discuss wellbeing plan Follow up appt in 3 weeks (Booked at 1st Appt) to see how you are implementing the suggestions and offer any necessary alterations to lifestyle- Online – 40 mins appt 

ALL 121 follow up meetings are focussed on your holistic needs…

‘natural nutrition (indigenous food )is the seat of our health and wellbeing ‘

Alliance of Homeopaths

About Nourished Naturally

Randhiraj Bilan  offers bespoke Nutrition programmes and packages for anyone wishing to make a change to their diet, lifestyle or well being goals.  Packages are carefully formulated using sound clinical and evidenced based research and have successfully helped people wishing to take control of their health and wellbeing or in achieving their desired goal. The… Continue reading About Nourished Naturally

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