After Care Advice : Following a Healing session

After any Healing : 
  • Drink plenty of water –  this assists the body’s natural detoxification process . Drink a full glass of water or herbal tea immediately after the treatment
  • You may feel light-headed after a treatment and may need to rest
  • Avoid eating a heavy foods after any treatment. Keep your  diet light – follow Randhiraj’s advice.
  • Avoid further toxins and stimulants such as smoking, caffeine, alcohol, drugs,  coffee.
  • Avoid strenuous any exercise – allow your body to use focus its energy on the healing received
  • Take an early night-  record any dreams or thoughts-  use these to reflect on the healing 
 Energy, Spiritual or Reiki and Seichem healing is advised  as treatment of 2, 4 or 6 weeks to heal resolve and dissolve the issues you want to focus on in your healing. Its not unusual to have  shifts in your emotions, situations and a new self belief.  

Your body will continue to do its best to help eliminate old patterns and use the healing to let go – expect this in the few days after any treatment.  , 

Sometimes symptoms can sometimes feel worse before getting better as healing can  bring up issues to the surface to be naturally released.

To help facilitate healing, follow the steps:

Talk through what is happening with a trusted partner, friend, family member or arrange to call Randhiraj after a few days.

Drink an increased amount of water

Eat  nourishing  foods

Get plenty of rest – take it easy!

Avoid toxins such as caffeine, smoking or alcohol

Be aware of emotional shifts – spend some time alone if needed

Make notes of any experiences you may have, and these can be discussed at the next treatment. Keep a healing log.