After Care Advice : Following a Healing Therapy session

After care advice to be followed : 
  • Drink plenty of water –  this assists the body’s natural detoxification process . Drink a full glass of water or herbal tea immediately after the treatment
  • You may feel light-headed  immediately after your treatment and may need to rest.  Sit down or lie down until you feel present again.  Healing takes you deep into your subconscious and this is why you can feel light headed.  It will pass. 
  • Avoid eating a heavy foods after any treatment. Keep your  diet light – follow Randhiraj’s advice for the next few days.
  • Avoid further toxins and stimulants such as smoking, caffeine, alcohol, drugs,  coffee, Teas unless herbal.
  • Avoid strenuous any exercise – allow your body to use focus its energy on the healing received
  • Take an early night-  record any dreams or thoughts-  use these to reflect on the healing –  Record any new feelings or thought patterns after the healing-  pay close attention to what your body and head are saying or feeling-  Call Randhiraj to discuss any reoccurring thoughts if they concern you .
Energy, Spiritual or Reiki and Seichem healing is advised as treatments of  2’s, 4’s or 6.  Ideally specked at  weekly intervals to you heal resolve and dissolve the issues you want to focus on during your healing.
Its not unusual to have  shifts in your emotions, or situations and a new self belief.  

Your body will continue to do its best to help eliminate old patterns and use the healing to let go – expect this in the few days after any treatment.  

Sometimes symptoms can sometimes feel worse before getting better as healing can  bring up issues to the surface to be naturally released. It is important to check in with Randhiraj if this takes place and she will offer insight and her intutative thoughts on the concerns raised to help you resolve and restore your peace of mind.  


To help facilitate healing, follow the steps:

Talk through what is happening with a trusted partner, friend, family member or arrange to call Randhiraj after a few days.

Drink an increased amount of water

Eat  nourishing  foods

Get plenty of rest – take it easy!

Avoid toxins such as caffeine, smoking or alcohol

Be aware of emotional shifts – spend some time alone if needed

Make notes of any experiences you may have, and these can be discussed at the next treatment. Keep a healing log.

Book a follow up Healing Treatment to help unravel what is coming up . Call Randhiraj on 07976686592