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Randhiraj Bilan
Be Nourished Using My Bespoke Remedies

Bespoke Remedies at your service

Immunity Blend

For flus /viruses, colds

Adrenal Support Blend

Adrenal support – Vitamin C, Vitamin B, Cortisone, etc ….

Calm Blend

For stressful / difficult times.

Let it go Blend

For anyone who is letting go of an emotional trauma – this remedy offers reassurance at your time of need.

Stress Blend

To help calm you during a Stressful time

Tissue Salts

Cells salts – various blends available

Balance Me

Ground and balance blend

Female Balance Blends (menopause and peri menopause and Menarche )

To stabilise hormones and harmonise emotions during menopause – or Peri Menopause

or During each monthly menarche

If any of these blends interest you – please get in touch using the link on my homepage.

Grief /loss Blend

To a recent or past loss – helps you overcome the effects of any lasting trauma

Anxiety Blend

Sleep Blend

insomnia & sleep disturbances

To order these contact Randhiraj and you will be sent a consent to treatment form.

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