Bespoke Remedies Designed for your individual needs…

Randhiraj Bilan
Be Nourished Using My Bespoke Remedies

Bespoke Remedies

Comfort Blend

This is a blend which offers comfort during stressful of difficult times. A combination like this can be made to offer comfort for a persons individualised needs. This is a carefully selection that includes flower essences, homeopathic remedies to aid the person’s recovery from the situation they find this blend might help has lead them to

Gentle Hug

This blend can offer a gentle hug and reassurance at a time of need. A combination like this offers people light at the end of the tunnel and adapted to meet any persons individualised needs.

Resolution Mix

This is a blend that can be used to think through a challenge and be helped to arrive at a resolution during turbulent times. A combination like this can be made to a persons individualised needs and can be adapted. This selection would add flower essences and specific homeopathic remedies.

Balance Combination

This combination offers more balance and would be carefully selected to include specific flower essences, organ support, and a selection of carefully through through homeopathic remedies.

A bespoke service means that we can design a remedy for individualised needs. If these blends interest you – please get in touch using the link on my homepage.