Bio-resonance – Quantum Analyser 

The Bioresonance analyser offers a safe alternative functional health assessment of the total body’s function. Using the meridian channels to scan organ health and cellular responses in the body.

The Bio-resonance offers an its analysis using the oscillatory field frequencies of the meridian pathways.

Bio-resonance Analyse report

A Bio-resonance Scan offers a complementary and non invasive process to assess health and wellness status. E.G

  • Micro- and Macro nutrients- vitamin and amino acid levels.
  • Organ Function
  • Hormone levels
  • Immunity levels
  • The Reproductive system.
  • Adipose tissue fat levels and metabolic efficacy information
  • Energy levels
  • Nutritional status
  • Food sensitivities and allergens
  • Electromagnetic levels
  • Toxicity

We are all exposed to disruptive frequencies everyday which can increase or disposition to stress from digital devices, wifi, satellites, medical assessment procedures, airport security flying, and the list can go on.

Long-term exposure to these frequencies contribute to mineral depletion, stress, mood disorders, blood diseases, digestive disorders and other chronic diseases.

This alternative therapy offers the opportunity to dig deeper and understand how to make the changes and optimise wellbeing and make subtle changes to optimise organ health.
Bioresonance therapy uses meridian frequencies that show up the disruptive energetic imbalances within the body. An opportunity to look deeper at your health status and the minerals you may lack.

EMF omitted from Smartphones, tablets, desktop computers, LED and fluorescent lamps affect us as they all give off blue light. Overexposure to blue spectrum light close to bedtime can inhibit the body from releasing natural sleep-inducing melatonin which in turn can impact the quality of sleep and duration of sleep received, which often leads to mood and attention, sleep disorders.

Let me empower you to take your health into your hands and support you to make the changes you wish to make.

A Bio-resonance Consultation – This diagnostic assessment report helps us understands wellbeing, mineral status and organ health.

Be supported to maintain your health and wellness plan with practical suggestions. A Follow up assessment is recommended 6 months to assess improvements to assess the impact of your bespoke wellbeing programme.

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