Bio-resonance Body Analyser 

A Bioresonance Scan is one of the most exciting and innovative complementary health therapies of our time and I have one. I use this to help make sense of a persons health status.

We are all exposed to many disruptive frequencies everyday – many sources leadto stress e.g. digital devices, wifi, satellites, medical assessment procedures, airport security flying, and the list can go on.

Long-term exposure to these frequencies contribute to mineral depletion, stress, mood disorders, blood diseases, digestive disorders and other chronic diseases.

My therapies offers the opportunity to dig deeper and understand how to make the changes and optimise wellbeing and make subtle changes to optimise organ health.
Bioresonance therapy uses meridian frequencies that show up the disruptive energetic imbalances within the body. An opportunity to look deeper at your health status and the minerals you may lack.

Let me empower you to take your health into your hands and support you to make the changes you wish to make.

A Bioresonance consultation package is £120 – The diagnostic report helps understand mineral and organ health. A brief report is provided on the key areas to focus on to boost wellness goals.

Follow up appointments are recommended every 6 months – this is sufficient time to implement the changes and for maintaining your wellness status.

If you would like to book a consultation email me