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Nourished Naturally Pura Recipe – ‘Chick Pea’ (Beasan ) Crepes

Pura (Chick Pea) crepes  Pura  crepes Ingredients 30gms of Gram Flour 1 small onion 2 tsp coriander and cumin seeds 1 inch Fresh coriander -chopped finely include stalks Rock salt & milled pepper -as preferred ½ -1fresh chilli The Video above shows you what they should look like. Method  1 -2 cups - gram flour… Continue reading Nourished Naturally Pura Recipe – ‘Chick Pea’ (Beasan ) Crepes

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Wild Garlic and Cougette Gardeneira

Nourished Naturally Wild Garlic Gardineria This recipe is carluccio inspired. I loved this when I had it in the 80's when I ate out, it was mostly Carluccios I ate at being vegetarian. I gave up white pasta as it has never agreed with me and I found myself bloated and uncomfortable. These days, when… Continue reading Wild Garlic and Cougette Gardeneira

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Rubuen’s Birthday Brownies

This is a recipe I made for my son's 16th Birthday.  He insisted that he did not want a birthday cake.  This was sad for me as the long tradition of making cakes for birthdays are changing  in my house.  My daughter too on her 16th asked for the same!! Although she'll be 18 in… Continue reading Rubuen’s Birthday Brownies

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Ricotta Fritters

An Easy and Quick Brunch Idea I bought the Ricotta at a local market so it was very fresh during my holiday in Italy.  I had one for breakfast-  couldn’t resist!  Then later with salad for my lunch,  the masala gives it a very subtle hue of spice and I think complements the recipe very… Continue reading Ricotta Fritters

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Nourished Naturally Raw Chocolate Truffles Recipe

Truffles Recipe Video Clip I started making these treats, as we all deserve a treat now and again.  There is also the added benefit of making something that is really quick, easy, and a works as a  healthy alternative when you need a Sugar boost as these have no ADDED SUGAR, preservatives or additives. So… Continue reading Nourished Naturally Raw Chocolate Truffles Recipe