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Courgette and Parmesan Fries

Courgette and Chick pea flour FriesNatural Nutrition - Maintains Wellbeing Serves 6-8 people as an accompaniment to a meal Ingredients:  6 courgettes  For Batter mix: 1 cup of Gram flour - Chick pea flour 100 grams of parmesan 1-2 tsp smoked paprika added to the gram flour  1.5 tsp milled pepper 1-2 Eggs - beat… Continue reading Courgette and Parmesan Fries

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Easy Carrot Cardamon and Quinoa Healthy Snack Bars (GF, V)

Easy to assemble and Gluten and Vegan and there is no Baking apart from the Quinoa Easy Carrot and Quinoa Bars Easy Carrot Cardamon Quinoa Healthy Snack Bars These are an excellent thing to have around the house for anyone who wants a little sweet but without the rush. Highly nutritious and protein rich. These… Continue reading Easy Carrot Cardamon and Quinoa Healthy Snack Bars (GF, V)

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The Festival of Lights for Samhain- spoken as ‘saawan’ and Divali

Samhain  and Divali : The Festival of Lights  Harvest food such as pumpkins, squash, root vegetables, to mark the end of the growing season. Nuts and berries, dark breads, representing the darker time of year. Dried leaves and acorns, symbolizing the shedding of the trees as autumn rolls in. A cornucopia filled with an abundance… Continue reading The Festival of Lights for Samhain- spoken as ‘saawan’ and Divali

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Pumpkin Seed Pops

Recipe Created for Red Tent : Gathering Women's Event September 2018: Pumpkin Seed Chocolate Pops: download Recipe. Pumpkin Seeds are amazing for so many nutrients. My favourite reason for making these part of my staple food is for theres Omega Rich fats and high Magnesium  value.  Not only are they easier to assimilate once soaked… Continue reading Pumpkin Seed Pops

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Ricotta Fritters

An Easy and Quick Brunch Idea I bought the Ricotta at a local market so it was very fresh during my holiday in Italy.  I had one for breakfast-  couldn’t resist!  Then later with salad for my lunch,  the masala gives it a very subtle hue of spice and I think complements the recipe very… Continue reading Ricotta Fritters

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Wild Mushrooms make Vitamin D!

Chanterelles in the wild are shown in the picture above.  For most vegetarians  or Vegans Mushrooms are a great protein source this makes sense particularly as there are so many more varieties available to us now they have gained popularity again Mushrooms are apparently only  food that can actually make Vitamin D.... because they have… Continue reading Wild Mushrooms make Vitamin D!