Super food for the health conscience

Super foods can help lower Blood pressure, reduce cholesterol and reduce inflammation:     Raw almonds. Eating a handful of raw almonds has been evidenced in a study for helping lower blood pressure. A key component of the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension with your diet, (also known as DASH). Raw almonds are monounsaturate rich which… Continue reading Super food for the health conscience

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Nourished Naturally Raw Chocolate Truffles Recipe

Truffles Recipe Video Clip I started making these treats, as we all deserve a treat now and again.  There is also the added benefit of making something that is really quick, easy, and a works as a  healthy alternative when you need a Sugar boost as these have no ADDED SUGAR, preservatives or additives. So… Continue reading Nourished Naturally Raw Chocolate Truffles Recipe

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Benefits and challenges of Kale

Kale Despite being the most common green vegetable in Britain and around since the middle ages, it’s only recently become popular again for its health and well being benefits . This super green vegetable is creating quite a storm in the healthy-eating revolution and everyone wants in.  We’ve always been a fan of this curly… Continue reading Benefits and challenges of Kale

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Fabulous Spinach

So why is Spinach so Fabulous ? Among the World's Healthiest vegetables, spinach comes out at the top of our ranking list for nutrient richness. Rich in vitamins and minerals, it is also concentrated in health-promoting phytonutrients such as carotenoids (beta-carotene, lutein, and zeaxanthin) and flavonoids to provide you with powerful antioxidant protection. Enjoy baby… Continue reading Fabulous Spinach

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Coconut Oil

Here's an article I wrote back  in 2005 on benefits of Coconut Oil which has gained more interest in recent years.  Coconut Oil is getting more positive press now as people have finally switched on!  Being of Indian Decent, my family have a life long history being indigenously connected to the ancient wisdom of such… Continue reading Coconut Oil