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Vegan and Gluten Free Buckwheat Soda Bread

Buckwheat Ingredients 50ml natural organic yoghurt - or 30ml Chia seeds blended for a Vegan option and whisked with water 200ml tepid water1 tbsp  lemon juice 3 tsp coconut oil500g  Doves buckwheat organic flour 2 tsp Bicarbonate Of soda  1 tbsp raw honey ¼ tsp rock salt Vegan Buckwheat Soda Bread Add the yoghurt, water, lemon juice, and two spoons of coconut oil into a… Continue reading Vegan and Gluten Free Buckwheat Soda Bread

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Chocolate Quinoa Cake

To convert this recipe from cupsThere are 229.92 grams per one cup. That is approximately 28 grams per ounce. Ingredients Cake Ingredients:2 cups cooked quinoa loosely packed1/3 cup milk4 eggs -NB Vegan option below *Vegan option -to make a flax egg, you need to whisk together 1 tbsp of flax meal and 2-3 tbsp of water per egg substitution - so for this… Continue reading Chocolate Quinoa Cake

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Wild Garlic and Cougette Gardeneira

Nourished Naturally Wild Garlic Gardineria This recipe is carluccio inspired. I loved this when I had it in the 80's when I ate out, it was mostly Carluccios I ate at being vegetarian. I gave up white pasta as it has never agreed with me and I found myself bloated and uncomfortable. These days, when… Continue reading Wild Garlic and Cougette Gardeneira

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Vegetarian / Vegan Beetroot and Bean Burgers

Vegetarian / Vegan Beetroot and Bean Burgers Ingredients 4 Shredded Beetroot 1/4 of Butternut Squash - shedded 2 cans Cannellini Beansfresh Sage or tarragon - 3-4 springs chopped and added 1 Red Onion4 cloves crushed garlic1 tbsp boullion or rock salt your choice 1 whole Lemon - press for juice handful of Cashew Nuts -… Continue reading Vegetarian / Vegan Beetroot and Bean Burgers