Children’s Nutrition

pexels-photo-326612.jpegNatural Nutrition for  Children’s growth and emotional resilience. 

Raising Healthy Kids is not easy with the ever increasing pressures from processed foods.   Early food experiences will have an impact on children’s eating patterns although habits can be changed  deepening on what is provided and if there is a willingness to do so.  

All eating habits are learnt at home so it’s important to be positive role models for your children from the start.

A healthy, balanced diet is especially important for children as their bodies  grow and there is much research that is now tells us the importance of good protein sources and good food sources on children’s brain development which has recently been evidenced to continue grow until adulthood, 25 to be precise.  

Making sure children are given a broad range of food is  essential to their gut health and the brain gut connection.   Eating good food that is rich in essential minerals and vitamins will develop children and help them achieve their milestones. 

Getting the right food with available nutrients is very important to health maintenance.  Here are somethings that I do for my family at home: 

Raising Healthy Kids  

Make sure there’s something on their plate for everyone at every meal to make them feel happy,  heard and understood .

Always be clear about the food you  want to give them and explain the reasons why it is on their plates or why it is good for them.

Be  patient and  consistence when  giving your  children each meal and agree the parameters for eating

Always provide additional extras to combat the problems with fussy eaters making fresh seasonal choices that make meals times a joy.

Here is a recent article I wrote that gives some insight and tools for helping you out. Raising Healthy Kids