Children’s Therapies

I work with children and families who need help or supporting emotionally, spiritually and mentally.

I offer a holistic range of therapy services for children using guidance and strategies for therapeutic parenting that can be helpful to children and their families who might get stuck and need professional help. 

Supporting & Nurturing Families


I specialise in child focussed therapies which support families using a sensitive approach. My guidance comes with 30 years of experience of working with families and children in need of support and I offer a calm space to explore and talk through things that might be difficult. I offer a series of steps that are practical and solution focused to implement right away.

I offer direct advice if this is needed, or an explorative approach. I also can be hands and offer holistic therapies such as Reiki and Seichem, light touch Massage or Myofascial Release to support you to arrive where you might wish to be.

Holistic therapies offer a great way to help children with different needs feel better physically, emotionally and therapeutically, and can be used for regulating emotional wellbeing.

I have worked with children and families as a skilled practitioner. I can help during key transitions or for sensory integration issues. My experience of working with children with additional needs and those who may have experienced trauma, loss, self esteem and anxiety is thoughtful and child centred. I help families unpick and explore common behaviours and characteristics in children who need help to find a better outcome.

I can provide professional advice or support for EHCP’s, navigating Support from your Local Authorities for Health, Education and Social Care.

Outdoor Play : Nurture : Build Parental Capacity
  • Guidance and Support for Positive Behavioural Strategies
  • Reducing Family Stress caused by Emotional Distress
  • Family Relational Difficulties
  • Self Regulation Difficulties
  • Borderline Eating Disorders
  • Sleep Difficulties
  • Stress Caused by Key Transitions
  • Anxiety or Fears From the Unknown

Please feel free to call me (Randhiraj ) and find out more about my approach, training and how I might help you support you, support your child or your wider family.