Holistic Family Nutrition


I can help you and your family feel healthier happier and fitter using food as medicine.     

I  help you  re evaluate, re think  and re view the food you and family eat

Make healthier food choices with my help

Learn new recipes using seasonal locally available ingredients.  

I offer realistic changes that can  benefit you and the  family for your  long term health goals.

Choose the right oils and fats to cook with.  Cook food that is healthy and use suggested strategies for improving families well being.

Learn new world food recipes

Cook nutritious meals for your whole families wellbeing goals.  

  (My Cookery classes are subject to an additional hourly rate.)

With My Optimising Family Nutrition programme I work you while you implement my practical advice on the best food to support the emotional  needs of your whole family.
I offer easy solutions using a  step by step plan that can be easily followed.  
Want  to optimise your health and well-being goals?

My Professional Advice helps  you take care  of your whole families need:

  • Nourishing Children and Teens with real food that is not processed and can be cooked at home easily once you learn how
  • Fussy eaters-  learn to make food versatile so everyone gets what they like
  • My recipes and advice are based on the food I cook at home for my family and 3 children who I am passionate about supporting to meeting their emotional and developmental milestones
  • Supporting the families well being with good food that nurtures and sustains everyone EVERYDAY of the Week 
  • Optimising Family Nutrition and  food prep to for easy meals and meal planning 
  • Optimal Nutrition for healthy kids and adults 
  • Optimising Energy & Vitality with Natural Nutrition
  • Tailored support for Disordered Eating in children and adults as modelling good eating is essential for happy kids
  • Vegetarian  –   Vegan  –   Intolerances
  • Sports & Exercise takes account of all the Nutritional Needs  for children and adults