How To Chart Your Fertility : Take your Natural Fertility Journey in your own hands

Your Fertility Journey for a Natural Conception

Knowing how to chart your Fertility is an essential tool for every woman to have on their natural fertility journey. Following these practical and insightful series of how-to videos, from a great source by Fertility Friend can be the first step to tune into your bodies signs.

Part 1: Ovulation, Fertile Days & Pregnancy

You can use this resource to learn ways to chart your fertility or help you understand your ovulation cycle, fertile days and to maximise conception chances if you are trying to conceive naturally.

It also help determine the best days during your menstrual cycle to give you the best chance of a natural conception and positive pregnancy.

Having better insight and a mentor to work with can be essential to this journey.

Part 2: Fertility Signs, Hormones, Ovulation & Fertile Days

Learn how the fertility hormones, i.e. Oestrogen and Progesterone, relate to your fertility journey and learn the bodies signals and how theses show you what is actually happening during your menstrual cycle.

Create better a understanding of what to observe to understand your cervical fluid, mucus and basal temperature and how to use the bodies signals and how to use the best ovulation day for your fertility. Learn how to create a fertility chart that helps you capitalise on conceiving naturally with new body awareness. Keeping a journal to include your emotions which will help you develop self care strategies. These are things I help my clients with when I work with them holistically on their fertility journey.

Part 3: Fertility Chart, Detecting Ovulation and Fertile Days

Learn to chart your own fertility journey, using the signs. Learn to read and interpret your personal fertility chart and emotional cycle. Develop greater confidence and identify your best ovulation dates and the best fertile days through your personal observations and recording your basal body temperature and cervical fluid observations. Use the support from me as your Fertility Mentor to discuss these signs and changes.

Discover how recording your personal fertility signs can show you your ovulation cycle and use other complementary therapies to support you such as my Fertility Massage Therapy which will help you learn the best days for you to conceive naturally. Discover through this the video by Fertility Friend and what you can expect in a positive pregnancy test along with how to find your most fertile days on your menstrual cycle.

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The Video Series inserts are from This is a great resource if you wish to take a look and create an account.