NourishYin™ Intuitive Healing, Guidance and Self Care Practices by Randhiraj

‘I see with much more than my eyes ‘ as an integrative Therapist who has invested and trained for many years in many healing modalities which makes my support and comprehensive for the women who choose to work with me


I offer compassionate strategies which embrace Self Love, Self Care, Self Compassion – and reflective practices.

Intuitive Healing

Intuitive Readings

Intuitive guidance

Remote Healing and Guidance.

Discover how I can support your healing journey

I work with all Women of all ages and stages of life and support you to arrive where you wish to be. Learn how to trust your your inner voice


Be centred – restore your self love and self care.  

My intuitive healing,  knowing and light langage helps release past blockages.

My 121 and remote sessions are highly restorative – you receive intuitive guidance and self care strategies to take away.

Using my intuitive guidance – I help guide you to let go of the things which no longer serve you.

I offer advice ongoing support for enabling you grow your inner calm, receive clarity, shanti and begin your own journey of knowing and seeing for yourself.

I suggest 3-5 sessions and provide individualised healing for your restorative needs.

Be nurtured with seasonal nourishing and healing foods as you make your journey with me to restore your ‘Yin’ and re-inginite your creative self … Embody who you wish to be ..

Healing and knowing
Restore Chi and Yin

I draw on the other training as I am an integrative therapist

Traditional Chinese Medicine wisdom –supporting key organs for a deeper healing experience

My training in Natural Nutrition,

Moon wisdom – (the pull and push and the zodiac signs are powerful tools for healing )

Intuitive guidance and Healing –soul, etheric knowing, lightwork

Reiki and Seichem

Mary Magdalene Priestess

Shakti Devi Rises – bring out the goddess in you

Light Language ( removes old patterns and soul blocks – helping you know, hear and see what you need-

All my work supports women to NourishYin™

Work with me – restore and be healed from inside out using your life-force ‘ chi ‘

I help you restore, re-centre the whole using intuitive healing, guidance, Yin Massage and self development tools –

A YEll Business Review from a recent client:


Highly recommend

I initially went to see Randhiraj as I was interested in trying Reiki for healing. I had never had this before and was initially a bit nervous, but she made me feel at ease, providing a safe space that was warm, welcoming and promoted harmony and peace. I was looking for something that would work directly on the problem rather than masking or relieving symptoms. I can honestly say the work she does is amazing. I noticed a real shift in my overall wellness, and the support she provides continues to help me on my journey. She is generous with her time and works compassionately with her clients, providing feedback and checking in on you, which has accelerated the healing process. Her meditation and moon circle classes have been a wonderful chance to connect with others and start a spiritual practice, and the reiki treatments have worked to balance my overall system both mentally and physically. I highly recommend her work. Thanks Randhiraj.

5 star Rating


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