Healing Moon & Shakti Devi Women’s Circles

‘Moon circles’ give women regardless of where they are in their life or cycle to rekindle their spirituality

Use the ancient moons wisdom to re-connect and centre with like minded women.

Harnessing the powerful and healing properties of a Full or New moon.  Develop self expansion; personal growth, self help and take away intuitive and spiritual guidance from Randhiraj. Discover the goddess within by attending one of my enlightened spiritual goddess workshops

Be transported on a journey for self care and growth using a guided meditation

Grow your curiosity and learn to  develop your self awareness and understanding in a sacred space using the moon phase and the zodiac it falls on.

Women’s Moon Circle and Guided Meditation

My guided meditations are supportive to anyone who suffers from anxiety, stress or low moods/depression or feeling empty.

I  offer a space for shanti and inner peace .   I use my 25 years of spiritual practice to guide you on this journey. Using my clarity essence I can make you a essence to support your feminine power – ask for details.

Guided Meditations can help you practice a daily intention to calm your troubles and take a pause to honour self care.

There are four phases in the months moon cycle: these correspond to the zodiac. We have a New Moon, a Waxing Half Moon, a Full Moon and a Waning Half Moon. Each offers us an opportunity to connect with ourselves and our purpose — to perform self care rituals and let go of things that do not serve us.  I use the influence of the zodiac to share knowledge and rituals for letting go or bringing in new intensions

My moon circles are for any woman to : Create expansion in their lives  : Create  rituals for self care for themselves and their loved ones  : Create a sanctuary of time in a busy life to notice whats important and set goals for achieving  these.  My evenings use creative tools and exercises to enable others open up possibilities for self expansion.

Come and Celebrate the Full Moon each month with the Full Moon Circle with me.

Full Moon Circle  are held on or near the evening of the Full Moon, and typically include ritual, meditation, discussion, and socialising. Depending on focus and the weather, some of these can be held in the evening or weekend and may be held outdoors. Full Moon Circle are facilitated by Randhiraj Bilan 07976686592