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My Approach is Integrative and Holistic…

I offer a unique approach for boosting immunity, optimise your wellness and help you heal from inside out..

My Personal Journey

I come from a family who love food. My mum and maji inspired my curiosity in food and my love of food. I saw how creatively and effortlessly they catered for everyone’s needs using the same ingredients (there were 9 of us in my home as a child ).   

My heritage food wisdom is what I return to alongside my training to support the people who need this approach.

I will always remember my first job as a social worker with children with moderate to severe disabilities and babies with terminal illness who lived away from their families.

My love of food helped me focus on being creative and supporting their holistic wellbeing using good food principles from my upbringing , heritage and culture – what this gave me was an ease to go to many recipes from my childhood that I passed on to them and supported our cooks to do the same. I recall how instrumental this was for C who had many allergies and intolerances. With my support, I helped her enjoy new foods because of her intolerances. It was a creative experience and I am truly grateful for the faith the families had in me to support them at that time. C went on to eating biscuits, cakes, breads and a variety of dishes which was so uplifting to see ( this was in the 1980’s).

I use a holistic and supportive approach for people who come to work with me. I support them to grow their self care offering food that is healing and sustainable to their future wellbeing.

Research provides greater insight on the important connection between our gut, brain and stomach and emotions which are all fundamental to our holistic wellbeing therefore supporting emotional resilience is key ..

My Training / CPD

I choose to train in Naturopathic Nutrition and Naturopathic techniques for preventing illness and organ support. I am trained in many alternative holistic therapies and draw on these in my work to offer a unique approach to the people who wish to work with me .

My love of whole food, my way of life empowers others to understand the many way they can be supported to heal from inside out.  

I understand about biodynamic foods, their health benefits of eating seasonally and how to understand the intricate relationship between the digestive system, lungs, heart and focus on organ support as this is the vital relationship food and minerals play on our major organs. I use the moon connection which is an important contributor to maintaining wellbeing using the oush and pull of its influence. I use my knowledge and training of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) principles for optimising organ support. I now add Homeopathy as this offers a lot of ways to help us heal from inside out and I am excited to be training and offer this therapy alongside my other therapies – a system I have used for 30 years plus.

I understand the importance of nurture wellbeing using seasons and eating seasonal food

How to support weakened organs with TCM , natural nutrition and holistic organic herbs

How to improve health and restore vitality and the many ways to repair and support gut and mental health

How to use alternative and complementary therapies alongside natural food and support people make changes for better lifestyle choices

How to re-utilise natural food for better health and support key stages of life as these are key for optimising well being outcomes.  

The importance of traditional Chinese medicine and the body clock wisdom is key to restoring health when using healing food and I use this methodology as I listen carefully to peoples story and what their organs are saying about their health.

Traditional Chinese Medicine – the body clock- support key organs with my support

I attend CPD courses, training events and Practitioner seminars each year as we continue to learn the benefits of natural food and how we can synthesise real food. There are developments in Natural Nutrition all the time and so the evidence based approach is essential in this profession to support and improve clients health goals.

As I deepened my understanding – I became better and more informed on the principles of good Nutrition and the importance of eating well and the many ways we can remineralise the body and restore health and equilibrium.  

I even more passionate today as I was then about vitality rich food and helping others optimise their health and wellbeing goals which is why my business is called nourished naturally.

I love food

I love to cook meals fresh and from scratch each day  – I share these principles in my 121’s and in 121 cookery classes.

I offer key ingredients to make food versatile and interesting.   All of my recipes and the advice I share is based the principals of whole foods – my own dietary habits for eating seasonally and I use my own Ayurvedic heritage.

My approach ….

I offer holistic solutions that optimise wellbeing goals.

I offer support in preventing ill health, optimise wellbeing, increase energy, improve or support immunity, combat stress, weight loss, women’s womb endocrine -hormone health, natural fertility. I offer a range of support to optimise health and wellness goals .

Practical Self Care and Creative Strategies that Work

With my support… you will begin feel healthier, happier and in control again.

Ongoing support to help you ‘heal from inside out’

My “integrative approach” draws on my therapeutic, healing and nutrition training. I use this knowledge to provide personalised services to support your Wellbeing needs.

I can relate to the many stresses and pressures life places on us and have turned my health around using healing food, ayurvedic knowledge and my many years of training and investing to teach others what I have learnt.

Read what former clients have said about me: use this link

In my online or face to face consultation, I assess the individual’s general health, family and health history, any hereditary factors or illness, dietary needs, including eating habits – I ask about digestive health, lifestyle, environmental factors including stress and wellbeing. I look deeper than just what you have been eating –

I listen to your story and words … I listen and hear how you assimilate life

I hear the impact on you and this helps me understand how well you digest food and minerals.

I bring to consultations, years of working with people from diverse backgrounds and circumstances and use my initiative on how to respond. I help people who feel stuck and unwell feel to understand what they can do to feel better.

I give guidance and suggestions for lifestyle changes and how to use healing foods that can optimise wellbeing goals. I draw on my my Systemic Family Therapy training , my 35 years Social Work and my training as a alternative and complementary therapist (since 1996)

I support the people who come to work with me as I really care about what happens next

I might suggest having Blood or Functional Tests and work with alternative health professionals to offer the best support I can as part of my holistic guidance.

Blood and Hormonal Tests (Fe/Male hormone –) – obtained from your GP

I am keen to work alongside health professionals who wish to collaborate to optimise wellness goals . Food intolerance/sensitivity – tests are arranged with specialist Laboratories

Digestive Health /Stool Analysis – we might agree to have a
Comprehensive stool analysis – tests are arranged with specialist Laboratories/GPS’s – or as you wish.

Whats Next? – Fill in the contact form below to progress your enquiry – let me help you take your health into your hands and support you to make the changes you wish to

Re-evaluate Re-look Re-set and Re-connect with nutritious food that is good for you and your wholistic wellbeing needs