My Approach

I offer realistic sustainable solutions and use an integrative and holistic approach  which promotes clients wellbeing and health.

I  provide a step by step support plan which includes regular phone calls or Skype/Zoom /Face Time reviews as I have found this is the best way to help people make the changes they need in their lives when they have been struggling to make changes.

My  personalised wellbeing  programmes are effective for anyone wishes to make changes for health and wellbeing solutions.

I use my love of world food and its healing properties to make positive  suggestions that are realistic and agree realistic timescales and goals. I use the healings properties of food and use wellbeing strategies when caring for my clients health and wellbeing.

Seeing people succeed is really important to me and I provide realistic goals for each person I work with so that can  achieve and re-discover the healing property of foods through the suggested recipes and foods in their plans.


I provide additional  mentoring for  those people or families who need a little more encouragement and give out food plans and weekly recipes that are right for them.

I can offer  other services alongside my programmes to help restore and  support clients with other life stresses using Healing.

I offer healing food so clients can learn how to cook better food using whole foods and Naturopathic  Nutrition.

As an integrative therapist I help improve health and wellbeing outcomes.  

My interest in wellbeing comes from my own life experiences as a child and having worked in busy stressful jobs and learnt the importance of PAUSING and take better care of myself.  

Cultivate Self Care for better wellbeing outcomes

My Healings are bespoke and intuitive, as I help clients reach a place of calm and inner peace using Reiki and Seichem and my Intuitive Guidance.

My meditation classes are run to support people to  STOP- LISTEN and RESTORE HARMONY and RAISE CONSCIOUSNESS USING GUIDANCE.

I run guided meditations for self care and a time for silence to restore the inner calm and   provide the conditions for a new practice of self care.   
Shanti Randhiraj 

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