Natural Nutrition

Natural Nutrition uses the healing power of food which are abundant in minerals and vitamins for optimising  health and well being goals.

The approach is simple Re evaluate Re look Re set and Re connect with nutritious food that is good for you .  This approach is highly supportive for people who want to make the sustainable and necessary changes for themselves or their families.


Discovering the ‘perfect diet’ for you using Natural Nutrition and maximise your health potential using vitality rich foods that are seasonal and readily available.

Natural Nutrition combines traditional Chinese philosophy (TCM) and the 5 elements (Water, Fire, Wood, Metal, Earth); a well documented and proven system for helping restore organs imbalances.  TCM has been used for combatting diseases and optimising the health needs and goals of anyone wishing to use this approach alongside an alkaline diet and  naturopathic techniques to restore organ and vitality.  Seasonal food that is supportive and restorative is also recommended using this unique approach.

My Nutrition programmes are formulated using sound clinical evidenced based research. Helping people to keep well and make the right choices for their wellbeing and health!


TCM: A proven system for helping restore organ imbalances

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Randhiraj provides a bespoke  diet that examines lifestyle and environmental factors and blood  testing  to understand your health nutritional status at a cellular level which  can show markers  for any deficiencies e.g  vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, digestive and antioxidant enzymes, intestinal permeability, adrenal function, parasites, microbiology, inflammatory.  Tests can be really helpful in Natural Nutrition to give you the food you need for your unique situation.

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