Homeopathy – a alternative holistic solution for supporting wellbeing

Homeopathy supports each patients unique health needs and can be used safely. Have you seen how Arnica work on brusies or Teething Chamomilla granules were effective for helping calm down babies during teething? Well this is acute prescribing in Homeopathy. It treats the whole person and offers alternative ways that heal the persons acute needs.

Acute Ailments

Homeopathy can be used for common ailments such as anxiety, depression, colds, flu, bruising, a fall, a fever, for anger, grief after the loss of someone close, or for a traumatic event in life.

Homeopathy can be used for Ailments

To support us mentally and emotionally during difficult times in life. To support us recover after any seasonal cough, colds for infections, sore Throats.

For Digestive Disorders, to support the Endocrine system. For Earache, Eczema, Exhaustion, Emotional issues, Female wellbeing and Health, (Fertility, Fibroids)

For children’s behavioural issues – for OCD, Sadness, SAD, Grief, Headaches /Migraines, Male Health, ME, Menopause, Menstrual Issues, Pregnancy – Birth and post Birth, Sleep Problems, Hormones and Imbalances, Urinary Disorders, Vaccination Side-Effects, Varicose Veins…and many more…

Tautopathic Prescribing

There is a method we use that can support organ health using key organ remedies to lesson the impact of toxins for the liver and kidneys.

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Why use Homeopathy ?

Homeopathy treats the whole person and not just the symptom

Homeopathy can be used to create an individualised and bespoke remedy that focuses on the whole person rather than just treating symptoms or ‘disease labels’.

For example two people who are affected by arthritis will not be offered the same homeopathic remedy because although they both have arthritis, their emotional and mental wellbeing will differ along with their physical and particular symptoms of their arthritis and the characteristics of their ailments, lifestyle difference will also need to be taken in to account along with their , levels of anxiety and their diet – this illustrates how uniquely we will treat each of them. This is why we treat each person as a unique being and what they need.

What can Homeopathy treat ?

Homeopathy is beneficial for chronic and acute health or where other treatments have failed to act.

In homeopathy the aim is to treat the root cause of a problem and not just the masked symptoms or offer symptomatic relief.

There is growing interest in alternative therapies and homeopathy has a lot of support amongst top celebrities and A-listers such as David Bellamy, James Ellington , David Beckham, Jade Jagger, Cindy Crawford, Gaby Roslin, Cate Blanchett, Jude Law, Helena Bonham Carter, Jennifer Aniston, Chris Martin, Annabel Croft (former top Tennis Player )Peter Hain MP, Susan Hampshire… this list goes on .

Just like the Queen and the Royal Family they choose homeopathy as their first go to !!!

Homeopathy cures a larger percentage of cases than any other method of treatment and is beyond doubt safer and more economical and the complete medical science

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Derived from Herbs

I’ve have used homeopathy myself for over 35 years and know first hand how powerful this holistic energetic healing system can be.

Homeopathic Pharmacies – Prescriptions

Homeopathy is over 200-year-old. An alternative complementary energetic medicine which stimulates a healing response and strengthen the body’s natural ability to heal itself from within.

An energetic medicine that is based on the theory of treating ‘like with like’ to stimulate the body’s ability to heal and combat dis-ease, using specially prepared, herbal tinctures from the mineral, metal, plant, or animal kingdom. Or Meditative Provings – read about the amazing healing properties of Rose Quartz

Pillules – Homeopathy

All homeopathic medicines are prepared by licensed practitioners – we use potentised tablets – we make liquid tinctures, powder formulas or healing creams. 

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