Why use Homeopathy ?

Homeopathy provides a natural, safe, holistic solution to today’s complex ailments. It works in harmony with the immune system and used alongside other medication without unwanted side-effects.

Homeopathy is an alternative and complementary healing system that offers a way to support you holistically at your time of need and when external demands exceed internal resources. Homeopathy is a safe, non invasive, alternative complementary healing system that restores the body back to health by stimulating the body to heal from inside out.  

Holistic Homeopathy

Homeopathy stimulates and strengthens the body’s own vitality using natural substances derived from the herbal kingdom, the plant kingdom, the mineral kingdom, the metal kingdom and the animal kingdom. 

Homeopathy has been used by cultures all over the world using  the law of similars and Herings Law of Cure.

Homeopathy treats the person, physically, spiritually and emotionally and each remedy is safe, non-toxic, non–addictive, free from side effects.

Homeopathy can be used when external demands exceed our internal resources

and can be used alongside medical treatments or prescription medicines.

I have used Homeopathy ( since the 80’s) for any major or minor ailments, during times of stressor each of my pregnancies and for post birth healing, for First Aid use with my children, family and friends. For any personal struggles including family loss and trauma. Homeopathy is my go to for any emergency and for my family (which include all ages and stages of life). I love this system so much I trained in it and can now share the wonderful properties of this healing system with anyone who chooses to work with me.

Work with me to find out how it can support you. I listen carefully and offer a compassionate and person centred approach at all times.

Homeopathy treats the individual not the symptoms alone.

As a Holistic Homeopath, I listen carefully to understand the person and signs and ask how the patients mental and emotional wellbeing is affected and the presenting condition or what the patient comes to understand is their-perception, their wholeness or totality as a patient using homeopathy. We use the patients timeline of events to listen to the body talking, to understand how to approach their case, and help facilitate them back to health.

I create carefully selected remedy combinations that suit the persons emotional and physical needs. Homeopathic remedies work to stimulate the persons vital force to bring them back to health.

When the body’s defence system is compromised Homeopathy assist natures cure and offer the body a way to use it own vital force to cure.

Refer to research on this alternative energetic healing system

Randhiraj Bilan


The initial appointment, is booked once I receive your consultation form. The appointment is a hour, we talk about you, the reason you have chosen Homeopathy.

How I work

As a licensed homeopath I listen carefully and investigate the cause, effects and obstacles to cure along with any physical, mental and emotional characteristics during the consultation.

I clarify the contributing factors that may have led to the present situation and this helps me to select the best remedy or combination remedies for the persons specific and holistic needs. Combination remedies are always carefully designed with the persons holistic needs in mind.

I take time to understand your heritage, medical history, lifestyle or environmental factors, health, dis- ease, listening carefully as I check your timeline and physical an emotional self. I treat each person holistically and offer a personalised tailored service and create a bespoke homeopathic prescription to match your individual needs.

In first aid and acute illness, homeopathy can be extremely quick and effective. With longer-term conditions, a safe and gradual return to health may require several appointments. Overall length of treatment depends on the severity of the condition.

Can Homeopathic medicine be taken alongside conventional medicine?

Homeopathic remedies can be used alongside conventional medicine. Sometimes patients visit a homeopath to work out a supportive programme to support them if they want to discontinue using prescription drugs.

For most people this can be achieved gradually over time using homeopathy using an approach called Tautopathy to minimise the ill effects or side affects of the drugs.


I offer Adult/Child consultations

I offer Acute Prescriptions – emergency appointments

I offer a number of blends that can be purchased from me to help ease the trials and tribulations of life.


Acute Prescription

1st Appointment

2nd appointment


Emergency Homeopathy

Homeopathy can be used for any emergency. For all forms of anxiety, depression, colds, flu, bruising, a fall, a fever, for anger, grief after the loss of someone close, or for a traumatic event in life.

Holistic Homeopathy

Homeopathy can be used or any life challenge which affects us mentally / emotionally / spiritually and for those difficult times in life for helping us recover.

For acute emotional conditions, loss, grief, depression, anxiety, low moods, MS, fatigue, any mental health concern, ADHD, ASD, Neurological diversity needs of children – adults etc

For Pain management, Post operation- Injury – Post-operative recovery, skin conditions including psoriasis/eczema and autoimmune conditions,MS, Allergies that lead to skin complaints, Rheumatic /Arthritis Any Allergies, Sinus/hay fever Asthma ADHD/ For Children and any emotional or behavioural issues, For any Dis Ease including Childhood illnesses For Common Colds, persistent coughs, flu. for Digestive disorders e.g. Celiac, Crohns, IBS. To support Endocrine health, Migraines, Male Health, ME, Autoimmune disorders. Hormones and Imbalances, Urinary Disorders,

TCM offers insight to our emotional self

For any skin complaints. For Adrenal fatigue, Exhaustion, Emotional issues, Stress, Headaches, Hormones for Fe/male wellbeing f, or balancing Health, Emotional traumas, life challenges.

For children, emotional needs, Viruses, ASD, Autism Aspergers, ODD, OCD, Sadness, SAD, Grief, Headaches /Stress, Sleep Problems, Vaccination Side-Effects etc.

During illness, for Fevers – Headaches – toxicity. And for any Ill affects of vaccines, detox prescriptions can also be obtained. Nosodes if you want these when travelling abroad.

Female Health – women’s fertility health is not just about conception – its for all ages and stages of menarche, menopause, womb health, fertility, PMT, PCOS, Fibroids, miscarriage – Pregnancy and post baby. I can also offer Womb, Abdominal Fertility Massage – a highly beneficial treatment for all womb and women /teen health related matters

First Aid Homeopathic Remedies

First aid homeopathic remedies to use at home or when travelling to treat common ailments such as cuts, bruises, bites, colds and nausea. Using the right remedy can clear up symptoms relatively quickly and they work really well for children. Homeopathy is also safe to use in pregnancy, when breastfeeding and for the elderly.

Hering’s Law of Cure – helps restore ill health back to health

Herings Law of Cure –


Homeopathy offers a natural Healing System to help us back to health

Hear Stacey Dooley Tell you Why She Chooses to Use Homeopathy – I first discovered homeopathy when a friend suggested trying it to overcome my phobia of flying and I haven’t looked back since !
Dr Sara Eames shares why she supports Homeopathy

Tautopathy is one of the methods I use to help support the kidney and liver when people have been taking conventional medication for their health ill. This is an excellent method that supports people who are worried about the long term side or ill effects of the drugs which mug the body of vital nutrients if taken over a long period.

“Homeopathy is rooted in ancient traditions that intuitively understood the need to maintain balance and harmony with our minds, bodies, and the natural world.” – Quote from King Charles III on why he uses Homeopathy

How Can a Specific Remedy Work

Homeopathy treats the individual, and not the dis-ease

Arnica – can be used for all forms of Trauma and its effects. This remedy is an excellent choice and can restore a persons back to health.

Chamomilla is a popular remedy used for baby teething – for anyone who feels frustrated, irritable , angry, and has a calming affect on children or adults.

Arsenicum album– This is a fantastic deep acting ready with a positive affect on every organ and tissue.

Arsenicum . acts on the nerves producing inveterate neuralgias and multiple neuritis better heat. For all-prevailing anxiety, exhaustion and restlessness with nightly aggravation. For great exhaustion after the slightest exertion. That is why this is often a remedy that comes up to use for any unresolved trauma.

Arnica, Belladonna and Chamomilla an excellent combination to have for ailing children – to support their recovery during an illness.

If you would like any of these combinations – get in touch.

Learn about Tautopathic Prescribing

A tautopathic remedy can be used to antidote and remove the negative or harmful effects on health from the negative impact of drugs medications, environmental toxins. It can remove harmful effects of medication over use of antibiotics, birth or birth control pill, recreational drugs, and can help unravel the persons timeline aiding and restoring the person back to health. It can also be used for corticoid steroids, for any medication which has become the obstacle to cure. For a suppressed immune system or if the microbiome has altered.

The Tautopathic method can be used to safely to support organ health back to health using specific organ support remedies to remove residual toxins and their harmful effect on key organs e.g liver or kidneys.

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Homeopathy is Favoured by many Famous People

Homeopathy is support by top celebrities and A-listers such as David Bellamy, James Ellington , David Beckham, Jade Jagger, Cindy Crawford, Gaby Roslin, Cate Blanchett, Jude Law, Helena Bonham Carter, Jennifer Aniston, Chris Martin, Annabel Croft (former top Tennis Player )Peter Hain MP, Susan Hampshire… this list goes on .

“I’d heard of homeopathy, so I found a local guy in the Yellow Pages, and took my boy there. He gave him some powders. Within two weeks he was putting weight on, keeping the food down. The trouble recurred periodically for a couple of years, but he’s now 27, a fit and healthy young man.”

David Beckham

“I support homeopathy as it’s safe and cheap. Compared to the usual drugs, it can be effective. Many homeopathic medicines are derived from natural things like cowslip, which can be used for a number of complaints including eczema. More and more people are now using homeopathy and realising the benefits of a more natural approach to healthcare”

Professor David Bellamy

TV Botanist

“There have been two great revelations in my life. The first was bepop, the second was homeopathy”

Dizzy Gillespie

Jazz musician

“As an Olympic Athlete, I have used homeopathy countless times to assist with the various bumps and bruises that I have suffered from hitting hurdles. My favourite homeopathic remedy is Arnica and I wouldn’t dream of using anything else. Homeopathy offers a range of natural remedies”

Louise Hazel

Team GB Athlete

“I started using homeopathy over 40 years ago and have relied on it to treat myself and my family ever since”

Susan Hampshire


“Homeopathy is very important to healthy living. It empowers you to take control of your health. The NHS should be looking to things like this to help manage spiraling costs as it is so inexpensive and effective, plus conventional

drugs can have horrible side-effects which make things worse”

Michelle Collins


Derived from Herbs

I’ve have used homeopathy myself for over 35 years and finally trained as I love it so much

Homeopathic Pharmacies – Prescriptions

Homeopathy is over 200-year-old alternative complementary energetic medicine

Pillules – Homeopathy

Homeopathic medicines are prepared by licensed practitioners – making liquid tinctures, powder formulas or healing creams. 

Randhiraj Bilan
Randhiraj Bilan : LCPH MARH